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  1. OK here goes, I had a prod around on the cct board of the receiving unit with an oscilloscope (multimeter would have worked) looking for a connection that went from 0 volts to 3.6 volts when the transmitter unit is keyed, you dont have to talk into the transmitter. Connected up to the coil of a minature 5v relay that I happen to know will switch at 3v. Drilled a hole in the case, ran a cable through and connected up to the relay 'normally open' connections. Just about managed to get the case back together with the relay inside to make it neat and tidy. Turned of the 'Roger Bleep' on the trans
  2. Made myself a wired remote shutter release with plugable leads (2 mtr and 15 mtr) to try and get some close up pictures of the Finches on our bird table, then I remembered an article I had read about using walkie-talkies for a wireless shutter release. I dug out a couple of old Binatone units, added a relay into one and it works spot on. Wired Wireless
  3. Try this one http://www.thatvideogamesite.com/play.php?id=510
  4. I have 1 hob left if anyone is interested.
  5. Tancho


    Rambo, hows the training going mate?
  6. This is my whippet pup, 10 1/2 months old at the moment. She will be used for lamping and ferreting this coming season. I will have to wait and see what she is like in the cold!
  7. The mother is small and polecat marked, the father (not mine) is a black eyed dirty-yellow sandy colour!
  8. Well grown, very tame Ferret kits. Hobs and Jills, 7 weeks old. Free to good working homes. In Buckinghamshire. PM me for details.
  9. Anyone got any idea why when I try to post a pic it is ok in preview but does not appear when posted? I use the same method on other sites with no problem. When I go into edit, the pic address has been changed.
  10. My missus has ignored the stinkers all year, now she wont leave them alone!
  11. Strong looking pup, you must have called it 'Spot'
  12. Tancho


    Looking to take my family on holiday in Southern Ireland for the first time this year probably to the Waterford/Wexford area. Does anyone know the best places to stay around there and the best company to rent a cottage from?
  13. Looking to order some bulk meat and have heard some good things about Landywood. Has anyone used them? Are they reliable? Which of their products is good/bad?
  14. Lure coursing/racing is not a safe enviroment for a 5 month old pup, no matter how good it is. Accidents can and do happen, I have seen many over the years. Just last week I saw an experienced dog hit a fence during a lure coursing event. Luckily it was a well conditioned ADULT dog and escaped with a few cuts and bruises. Last year I saw a top racing whippet DIE when it was T-Boned at the end of a race. Why risk a very promising pup to take home a plastic trophy? A 5 month old pup is just that, a puppy. Just my opinion of course
  15. Came home tonight to find my sons in a huge panic, 5 minutes earlier my pup Luna had chewed through the mains cable to the TV Luckily my lad found her, still attached to the cable and shaking, and had the sense not to grab the pup but to switch off the power at the plug. Luna is fine, just a bit of a burn to her mouth. And the TV is Ok as well :clapping: Thats more than Lucky
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