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J Darcy

Good bag with the AA S410

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i dont know really...i guess at about 80...

Sounds good. I had a play with the S410 TDR, today, and I have to say I'm well impressed. It's a weird looking design but I like the way it breaks down and is utterly portable.


It was zeroed at 30 yards and I was allowed to fire a 10shot mag through it. Two collared doves were dispatched in the yard and the other 8 shots put through a paper target on a bit of a range... I'm well impressed with it. Fit's nicely into a rucksack.

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What does the TDR weigh Chris??

Has it got the same sized cylinder as the carbine?....

I didn't weigh it so you'd have to have a shufty at the manufacturers dimensions but it feels alot lighter than the carbine... probably on a par with the S200. It's a carbine action with all the woodwork stripped away... very tempting... ;)

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