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i would like to improve my clay shooting on an average skeet shoot with my mate im getting 20/50 for a fast miving clay what sort of lead should i be applying to ensure i am getting the best score possible and not just wasting cartridges???

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it all depends with skeet as you move round and the angle and leed slightly alter just emeber to keep in front of it and keep the gun moving at all times also sit the clay just above the rib/beed of the gun as most guns shoot slightly high start of on stand 1 and shoot them up the arse going away from ya and shoot near enough straight at the 1 coming towards you when you start to move round concentrate on just the first bird and start off by giving about half a foot and work up from there little by little just concentrate on the birds your struggling with . also go have the gun fitted to you if it isnt already done this will make a big difference to you and the way you shoot no good having a too short / to long / left handed gun for a right hooker go see ya gun smith he will tell ya for sure. also get on the pattern plate and see where the majority of your shot is being placed as this will give you an idea of how far you may be out when shooting. hope this helps for starts.

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Very good advice there. Its really all about practice. At my local clay ground they just leave me to it, so me & my mate tend to concentrate on those birds which we are rubbish at, rather than just do the normal 25 targets. Its strange. Some days I can hit the first 12 perfect and mess up the last 13. Other times its the other way around.


My biggest mistakes were:


Bird 1 - moving the gun up to shoot it and just shooting straight over it. Always get on the target, move with the target, get in front of target then shoot.

Stop moving the gun when I pulled the trigger rather than keeping gun moving.

Not enough lead on the targets - especially on the middle ones where I need to have a 3 ft lead.

On a pair of birds I tend to line myself up for the 2nd bird, else i`ll end up getting the first, then not being in the right position for the 2nd.


And the biggest mistake of all which I do, is to think too much about the shot. The more I think about a shot the more likely I am to miss. If I just point and shoot without thinking too much I will usually hit what I am aiming at.


Your stats arent too bad for a beginner. I remember id get about 14 out of 25 when I started and before long got that up to 22->24 out of 25, and I even got 25 / 25 a couple of times.

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