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  1. Cheers for that I'll have a nosey
  2. Long shot I know but does anyone know anywhere around the Norfolk Suffolk borders that are holding signals ..? Been looking for a while with no joy
  3. Tile them mate then tile 2 course of tiles up the wall then paint out friend done his like this job done problem solved good luck atb willum
  4. Join game keeping chat and all that goes with it on Facebook several jobs been advertised on there
  5. Hey a wired system bud like a euro mini 10 zone system pirs door contacts bell keypad battery for 250 ish then a separate I allergy to phone or text you on activation ..I can advise where to purchase and get prices from as I work for a cctv company but fit the odd alarm if this helps
  6. ahh could be moisture and the fiitings getting damp into them got a single sealed ( top notch bathroom light so i was lead to belive ) in ours but when the steam builds a little while later when you go back in it can flicker then settle down . have a check..
  7. are the lights on a dimmer switch if so could be the dimmer its self on the way out as the light will pulse and flicker if so common fault with dimmers.
  8. Real ales adnams ghost ship Woodford Wherry or head cracker oak best bitter London pride. Spirits gin brandy and the odd home brew scrumpy.
  9. Been out on a shoot suffolk way last few weeks beating and a few days shooting nice habbit great big woods with some good wet areas and marshland but not seen any great numbers 3 today couple last week but been out with the night vision and thermal spotter on another estate nearer the suffolk coast and seen more that way at night than during the day funny little birds always leave them be not my cuppa tea shooting them
  10. Some older mobiles and the odd newer ones are able to pick the iinfra red glow from the leds up
  11. Keeper I help out reared Greys under bantys xs has done ok out of it he's got 50 breeding pairs that gave him good fertility this year 800 poults down on the shoot all seem to have held ok still in there covey but not in one big hit when being pushed through the line. Poults and eggs went like hot cakes that were surplus all over the country . Good luck if your going to do them as they can be quite a nightmare compared to red legs or longtails
  12. willum

    More Pinks

    Be a while before they hit us down here norfolk on the east coast just outside great yarmouth another few weeks to a month before the numbers start to build
  13. That's the one bud but I'm sure when you go to check out it will add vat I maybe. Wrong but it's the same as mine but mines blue more than happy with it
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