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Guest Leveller


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Guest Leveller

I had a job that I couldn't do today and found myself with some time on my hands. I thought I'd give Charlie a rest today and go in search of something a bit bigger :icon_eek: . So I checked the meet card Larkbarrow Corner at 1100 so off we went.


Unfortunately I missed the meet and didn't get there until around 1115 and the fog was so thick nobody really knew where the hounds had gone :( .


I still managed to get stung for my cap though even when I joked that I wouldn't pay until the fog lifted :):D .


All that was left to do was to drive around and try and find some sign of them :lol: . The trouble with hindhunting is that they aren't harboured so it is very much a guessing game as to where to position yourself for a good view. I was reliably informed that they were on there way out to Manor Allotment so that was where I was headed but the bloody fog was so thick it made it impossible to see anything :( . I didn't catch up with any sign of them until about 1400 when I was informed by a mate that they were just seen heading towards Weir Water in Doone Valley, great I've just come from there :rolleyes: .I was on the verge of giving up and heading towards Horner to catch up with The Minehead Harriers. Until I stopped up on the top and managed to see something right off in the distance it looked good when using the binos' anyway :D:D .


So at least I had something to follow now. On to the next spot the kids enjoyed looking at all " The presents " that were walking around :D:p


and the original off roader B)


Just so you can get a feel of the general view of our goverment on the moor right now :angry::angry::angry:


This was as close as I got to any hounds today you can see a lone hound in the back of the Landy which got lost and rescued by the hunt staff :)



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Guest Leveller

It wasn't the best days hunting I've enjoyed, but ask anyone whos visited our moor and it's enough on it's own

Good night Master



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Guest diesel

sounds like u had a decent mooch about.... its better than been stuck at home...

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Guest Leveller
Fantastic post.You obviously live in a beautiful part of our country.........


South Wales looked brighter that morning though :D:good: bloody fog :good:

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