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BSA Super 10 Bull Barrel Carbine

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yes i agree A&M adrian and mandy are great to deal with, i use the twinks on all my air weapons, even if they look out of sort on some of them, i dont mind, they are so quiet and i have never seen or heard a rabbit or pigeon laughing at my setup, i bought an ev2 i am not a ft or hft shooter i am a back garden plinker i just liked the look of the ev2,it sounded like a shotgun going off, straight to A&M, he threaded the the funny thing with vents in,put the twink on and oh yes it sounded like a s410 so quiet,so as you said yes very nice people to deal with and lots of experience and knowledge, thanks forest gump

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Your very lucky to find that brand new I would have had that in a hart beat lol


My friends got one in 1.77 he is trying to sell

if I had the spare dosh I would have it but I've only just brought a tdr and I'm loved up with that at the minute

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