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a few pics of today

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nice one pal i hope ye get plenty of diggin there

nice 1 scent with what i seen on the lamp once it gets cooler there there should be plenty to do and i have to go up and have a chat with one of his neighbours during the week ,he wants to see my C.S.A membership card and then i can work away there aswell

always handy to have the C.S.A membership ,it can make the difference between gettin serious permission and gettin told to head offf and never come back :laugh:


i had very little permission before i got it but since i got when i call to a farm it's the first thing i say and it lets them know serious about it and not just a messer once your covered they dont seem to mind too much

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Whats C.S.A card over there stand for? Here it stands for Cock Suckers of America. An exclusive club that you have to claw your way to get into, just ask Hastings,Steady Mob,Uphill and Dan Edwards on here. :boogie:


country side alliance mate means your fully insured for all field sports on the land with the owner permission

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