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Daystate X2 Review

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Bit of a old threat but I just though I would ask, since having the daystate for a while whats your views on it? I would love a mk4 but its out of my price range at the moment, but I really like the look and sound of the X2, but I want a realistic view of the gun after being used for a bit, any problems or downsides of it?

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The reload can be a bit notchy. That is about the worst of it. I liked mine, it was a really hard decision to trade it for the Super 10! But I prefer the Super 10 side bolt to the X2 rear bolt. Personal taste. It worked superbly, was not new when I got it and as you can see, was more accurate than the person aiming the rifle!


The Harrier X (10 shot version of the Harrier) is also worth a look, just an older version of the X2.


One problem with .177 and short fat fingers, it can be a bit of a swine loading pellets, so use a prodder!

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Good review mate,as I'm looking in to getting one

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