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Catch a release beaver snaring

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Found this little guy on top of the ice a couple days ago. coyote tracks all around yet they never bother the critter. At first from 100 yds away I thought it was dead and froze in the ice, and with all the coyote tracks figured it was just part of a beaver. He' she was very much alive, and had the snare behind the shoulders. I grabbed him by the nap of the neck, and after cutting the cable I was able to back the cam-lock off and remove the snare. Had to hold him next to me with one hand and chisel the hole a little bigger with the other. And at the same time trying to keep a lab's nose out of the way. Pointed the little guys snoot in the hole and away he went.

Just so you know they can dig with them hind flippers like a cat once you lift em off the the ground. Cut myself good a few days ago with a broken coffee cup handle. Guess where one of those claws went as he started digging. All the blood at the seen was mine. It calmed down and didn't struggle after. Cute little critter. Hope I don't find him in a snare on the return trip.



Not real good picture, i was a little handycaped from using one hand and trying not to get bit at the same time.

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