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  1. Excuse my ignorance,but,is this all ticks that have fallen off?Sorry if it is a stupid question. Yes, Those are ticks you see in the picture. Sh's still loaded with thousands more. Notice the dark patch on here rear. That's a cluster of them. They like the form there and down the legs as well.
  2. No I didn't kill it. Probably would have been the best thing for it, but she's still eating, and if most of the ticks drop off maybe she has a chance, but i doubt it! Trouble is where having a late spring and still another month till new green growth will apear. Food they eat now has little norishment.
  3. Couple weeks back while hauling slab wood into camp I came onto this yearling moose. She’s quite weak from the winter ticks that have infester her. They jump on in the fall, come spring they fill with blood, drop off and go through their life cycle. There will be as many as 15,000 one report said. This Is a common problem with our moose, but this year seems to be worse than most. All the moose seem to be heavily infected. Between the ticks and stress of the winter, I doubt this one will make it much longer. The ticks are about the size of a mans thumb nail. N
  4. Found this little guy on top of the ice a couple days ago. coyote tracks all around yet they never bother the critter. At first from 100 yds away I thought it was dead and froze in the ice, and with all the coyote tracks figured it was just part of a beaver. He' she was very much alive, and had the snare behind the shoulders. I grabbed him by the nap of the neck, and after cutting the cable I was able to back the cam-lock off and remove the snare. Had to hold him next to me with one hand and chisel the hole a little bigger with the other. And at the same time trying to keep a lab's nose out
  5. I've seen pigeon traps like the last one only those entry wirers are a little longer and slant in. Corn was used for bait and at times the cages had a good load of birds.
  6. Checking beaver snares today and as I'm scouping out thne slush up comes a fury otter tail. First one i ever got in a these snares.
  7. Not knowing, I thought you just had rabbit. Your hare look to be a little bigger than ours. And yes they are shot after being flushed. Thick softwood regrowth is where they seek cover. What was fun as a kid we'd have all the snow melt in early winter. They stand out like a sore thumb being all white. I used to hunt them with a .22 .This year, our winter was like that. I saw several, But was deer hunting at the time. Great picture Woodga!
  8. I use a catch pole, But it's alot bigger than what You need. Use it for releasing non targets from my coyote traps like fisher, bocat, fox and coon. Used it just once this fall to release a bobcat. It's made of PC pipe and has a clothes line tightener on the end. I think you could dispatch a rabbit with it, but I it's a little big for mink. Made with a smaller cable it probably would work fine. I'll post a pic later to show you what I'm talking about. Should be real easy to make.
  9. Just thought You people might be interested in this photo. While scouting beaver today I came across a couple rabbit hunters out with their beagle. These are actually showshoe hare. Brown in the warm months and turn white in the late fall. These were placed so the hunters could pick them up on their way out. Great sport as these guys can really move once jumped out of a thicket.
  10. Well, I wish you luck, Chased that variety quite a bit in my younger day myself. :whistle:
  11. Coyote kill beaver quite often when the rodents are away from their dam cutting trees. They are strong and their bite can be to the bone. But i bet a good dog used to making a quick kill in the back of the neck would have little trouble.
  12. Picked up two more beaver from that first snare location. This one a little one caught with a good neck catcg. I'd rather leave the young ones for seed. But once in awhile you do catch one.
  13. Id have to get them tanned and that would take months. I'll look around and see who has some ready to sell. On the go today. have a birthday party for my grandaughter and heading for work after. but i'll bet back to you on this!
  14. Tanning and the price of the fur would be under a $100 US dollars total. Hard to say exactly. But there are trap supply dealers that should have them on hand.
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