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dome v pointed

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GOOD POST :notworthy:


Thank you, I do try :yes: and I had hoped the injection of humor would have calmed the thread down somewhat unfortunately it didn't do what I hoped, so I've added this post in an effort to calm things again.



Seriously though guy's and doll's, I have just read a thread started by our friend '3Turns'.

It's not one designed to get anyones back's up and indeed (Caps notwithstanding) makes a lot of sence :yes:


3Turns in that thread; you stared, you say everyone should work together to look after and educte the next generation of hunters. I totally agree with you one hundred percent on that Sir :thumbs: and that is what we try our very best to do in the Airgun Section :yes:


Apart from the odd youngster who come on and totally reject what we say because he thinks he knows everything there is to know about shooting, most flourish with the advice and theory that we give them :yes: and progress to be good hunters in time.


Given the number of people just lately that have come into the section from other sections and their first posts have basically been "You lot know feck all about hunting" heck we had one guy drop in and his first post was "You couldn't possibly sneak up on a rabbit and pick it up unless it had myxie" well he now knows differant and that you can sneak up on a perfectly healthy bunny and grab it :yes: and another young lad jumped in saying he knew more about (get this for a laugh) brands and companies than myself. He insisted that Realtree was not a brand and it was purely made by Deban (which he claimed incorrectly IS a brand) you and I know and now does he that he was incorrect.


What we have found is that in other sections of the forum; there seems to be a lot of back biting and my dick is bigger than your's and a lot of verbal fighting and when one member gets in a bad mood and gets his verbal ass whooped, he will come in here to our section and try to upset or annoy people.


Another recent attempt at educating a youn lad fell on deaf ears, 6 deaf ears actually, that I had to get him banned. He had registered under numerous accounts, but posted the same crap. A few of us though he deserved a second chance and I pleaded with the mods to give him that chance. It was granted to him and he still wouldn't listen or try to learn. So he's now gone on an extended leave of the forum.


This section is without doubt the most educational for new people who wish to take up airgun hunting, because we know our craft, and we never grow out of learning from other members, using what we learn and then teach it to the newbies.


Ideation called us "The Boy Scouts of THL" because there is so little of what goes on among the members of other sections.


So if you would like to either learn, educate people or contrbute to the section, you are more than welcome to do so im my eyes :yes: I would however urge you just to turn off the caps lock, were not bothered by poor grammer or poor spelling but we do like to keep shouting to a minimum :thumbs:




Liamcolliechubby etc's back under the name of hunter.wales, Tony. :thumbs:

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Domed/pointed/flat-head...There has always been a debate. personally i have always plumbed for domed. Two of my favourites being RWS Superdome and Long Range Gold, though i have used practically every other type on the market without seeing any better results. I think that pellet choice is a personal thing, and the most important thing is that you are confident with your pellet. One thing worth bearing in mind, no matter what kit you buy, what rifle, what scope, what pellet, the most inconsistant part of the whole shebang will be the person holding the rifle. :thumbs:

I recently dug a superdome out of a pigeons chest, well, i found a suspicious 'solid' object in my mouthful actually! :sick: After careful disection i found that it was my good 'ol superdome. Not too disfigured at all, but its safe to say that the pellet gave that woodie all the energy it had and down the pigeon came. :thumbs:

In short, its 'domes all the way for me no matter what gun i am shooting and no matter what quarry..... :boogie:

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Years ago I loved my super dupar killing machine pointed pellets.

Then I just used domes when I returned to shooting after a lengthy lay off.

I went to 177 for a while & tried 25+ different pellets for accuracy & penetration.

I tried only one pointed, RWS SuperPoints. At this stage I was totaly against pointed, after all, I'd seen the light being older & wiser.

Well the RWS SuperPoint surprised me, accurate in my S400 out to about 30yds but after that It went shotty pattern.

Penetration wasn't any better than most of the other pellets tested.

I've now gone back to 22.

I won't be getting pointed to test in my presant rifles.

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