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whats better Weihrauch HW80 or HW80K

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hi all what a beter air rifle the Weihrauch HW80 or HW80K also what the difference betwen them


thanks 123hw80

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Hi, mate.


The K's barrel is a bit shorter (4 inchs, I think...) apart from the barrels they are exactly the same.


The full length one has open sights fitted and the Ks normally come with a standard UNF thread for a modarator but the mechanicals on both guns are the same.


One's not really better than the other but the Ks a bit easier to handle especially if you're shooting from a hide.



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there is no diferance other than the k just a tad shorter accuracy wise both as good .

the good thing about the full length one is if you put a silencer on it its that long you can just knock rabbits out with barrel :gunsmilie: :black eye: :hunter::chair:

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Probably both the same accuracy wise. Try them both if you can and see what one ballances better.

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Hi 123HW80


Neither one rifle is better than another with this pair to be honest mate..


After over ten years of shooting and owning my current HW80 .22 standard rifle :wub: and my HW80K-carbine :wub: I can honestly say that, there really is just one significant difference between this rifle's two versions.


The K -carbine version takes a silencer very well without upsetting balance. That's all!


You could fit one to the standard rifle without problems, of course, but, you'll need a pretty longer gunslip! :icon_eek:


I have a webley venomtech slimline long silencer on my .22 HW80K. That device takes this rifle about an inch over the length of the Standard length HW80 I also own. I love a rifle with length and heft and the venomtech silencer makes a good muzzlebrake cocking handle. Even then, this K is a beautiful handling sporter with a lovely compact feel.


HW80 Standard or Karbine. Both are the worlds' finest, most accurate, spring powered break barrel air rifle you can own. No question, ifs or buts, end of!


Choose the one that feels just right at your shoulder. ;)





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