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working male harris and other p/r youngsters

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I've got an 8 month old harris i'm looking to sell , hes taking fur and feather and coming on strong but due to lack of time i'm going to let him go , hes got an IBR ring on and is fully dressed with jesses and bell.

I'm looking for £200 which i think is not out of the way.


I've also got a few other youngsters that are still in with the parents and are ready to go , 3 of them i'm not sure which sex they are , they are either very small females or very large males . i' looking for 200 which is male price anyway ,


Anyone interested send us an IM im in Lincolnshire before I forget to mention.


Ive also possibly got a working female but has slight tail feather damage but will be fine after the moult , shes flying fine anyway and i want 250 for her

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