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  1. Crow


    That will be the Betty Smith book then? As it has the 'working terrier' bit in the title it will be the first edition which you don't see up for sale very often. When the second edition was released the 'working' bit had been removed from the title. As I've said you don't see the first edition up for sale very often so they seem to fetch a good price - as it cost you nothing I'd keep hold of it. Unless of course its in a real bad condition, in which case you may as well read it and sell it on. Crow
  2. Made from aluminium a tad over 1/16" thick this board is 21/16" high and 4" in length. You'll see that I've cut out the rabbiters.co.uk fav-icon and given it a quick polish Yours for £11 (including postage and packaging), paypal preferred. First to post below secures. Thanks. Crow
  3. Crow

    reported for having more then 2 dogs ??

    If you own the house then there is no 'law' that says you can only keep two dogs (I think she's confusing the laws on the number of brood bitches that can be kept without being classed as a 'breeder'!). However, there are laws on harrassment so maybe a letter explaining what they are is called for Crow
  4. I didn't think that hernias were hereditary Still, you’re off to the vets to get it checked out – I hope it all goes well. Crow
  5. Crow

    longnetting coat

    I like the description: "This genuine Dutch Army Parka will keep you warm this winter if you wear a thick jumper with it." So basically its not very warm at all then Crow
  6. Crow

    stud dog

    The way I understand it is this: > The owner of the stud didn't, and still doesn't, want anything so that's not the issue. > The deal was his mate could have one if there was one spare, although no price was mentioned. The current situation seems to be that you have one pup left - so the question is is this pup 'spare'? If you've a buyer lined up then the pup isn't spare, so therefore the stud's owners mate isn't entitled to it. However, if you have no buyer lined up then the pup is, seemingly spare. If that's the case then I'd give the guy the pup for nothing, on the strict understanding that it is for him and not to be sold on. If he wants to sell it on then stick to your guns and ask £50.00 for it (the deal was a spare pup for the mate, not for the mate to pass on). That, as far as I am concerned, would be the way I would play it. It now seems that you've offered the dog to the mate - so let him know (either directly or through the studs owner) that you'll keep hold of it for x number of days, if he doen't come to collect it by then I'd sell it on (and at that price I'm sure it would sell quite easily). Oh, and I'd stop dealing with people who mess me around!! Crow
  7. Crow

    F**king vets

    All's well that ends well Maybe the bat will hang around your place? I have a couple that nest (is that the right word, maybe it should be lodge - I don't know) in the eaves of my cottage and they are out every evening. They fly straight for the front window, slide up it vertically and then swing outwards - I swear that if I open the top window (that opens outwards) one evening I'll find a bat in my front room Crow
  8. Crow

    F**king vets

    Whilst vets have a duty to look after animals they don't know everything about every animal, so putting you in touch with (possibly) someone else that may be able to help was actually the vet doing the best for the animal and not for his takings that day! Had the vet taken it in and treated it would you have paid the bill?? As the person taking it in you would have been the one legally liable for the cost of the treatment (unless, of course, the vet was feeling very generous)! Crow
  9. Crow


    You weren't kicked off for having a difference of opinion, you were kicked off for 2 reasons: 1) Childishly revoking the permission you gave a third party to use some of your photos of my dog after my review of Simon's book wasn't quite what you wanted to read. The photos in question where taken after you accepted MY hospitality to join me on MY land for a day's ferreting and night's lamping to photograph MY dog in action (and if I remember rightly it was MY petrol that got you there and back too!). The review in question was my opinion that the book is nothing more than an fleeting overview of ferreting and as such failed at being an 'Essential Guide'. 2) Calling me a c**t for posting that review, after which I wasn't really in the frame of mind to commit my time, effort and money into providing you with anything. Quite simply you had to go! We had no 'difference of opinion'; I posted a review of the book, you didn't like it and took a course of action that resulted in you being booted from the forum. It's as straight-forward as that! Crow
  10. Crow

    bew to silver

    Droid, thanks for your response. Before I get my teeth into a full reply can you clarify the following: I know you never stated 'I think the albino gene is dominant', but from what you have said it has come across that you don't believe the albino gene is recessive; vis-Ã -vis 'I've had big arguments with people who believe the albino gene is recessive'. If you haven't argued the fact that the albino gene is recessive what have you argued about Crow
  11. droid

    Thank you. It is very pleasant to have a debate with someone and not be abused for disagreeing.

  12. Crow

    bew to silver

    Not all genes follow simple Mendelian monohybrid cross princlples. Ferret genetics is rather more complicated than the simple precis outlined above. No scientist with even a passing interest in genetics would make statements based on previous study or belief as if they were set in stone. Mendelian genetics is a Theory, not a Law. That speaks volumes to a scientist. Who was talking about mendelian monohybrid principles? I was talking about the dominance or reccessiveness of the certain genes (actually, gene is the wrong word but to use the right word would be even more confusing!) not how you can calculate which percentage of what is given. Yes, ferret genetics is more complex than what I stated above, but what I stated above is what is commonly believed (and proven many times over) by scientists today, who have, as yet, found no evidence to counter those beliefs. Until they do we have to assume that they could actually be right! If they weren't right everyone would be breeding polecat kits off albino parents (true matings, not 'I think so' matings as all those I have followed up seem to be!). And remember that genetic study isn't just restricted to the ferret, its to mammals in general and I have yet to find any research that states the albino gene (wrong word again but nevermind) is dominant in any mammal. If it were then we'd have a species out there that is predominatly albino (and I mean albino, not white, and when I say 'out there' I mean in the wild, not bred in a controlled environment where the carefull crossing of albinos has created a vast number of albinos - i.e the ferret, rat, etc). I can't think of one such mammal - can you? Crow
  13. Crow

    bew to silver

    ade33uk - you got it spot on so no need to stand corrected! Crow
  14. Crow

    bew to silver

    Indesputable facts: > The albino gene is recessive > The polecat gene is dominant So you'll never get an albino with a 'hidden' polecat gene - if it had that it would be polecat coloured. More facts: > An albino mated to an albino will only produce albino kits > An albino mated to a polecat may throw albino kits if the polecat is carrying an albino gene, if it's not then you'll only get polecat kits (each carrying the albino gene). If you've genuinely bred two albinos together (in a controlled environment, not in a court where you 'think' that the two albinos mated) and you've produced a polecat kit then get in touch with someone high up in genetics (not just ferret, any geneticist) because you have either witnessed a miracle, or you've managed to do something that flies in the face of all previous genetic study and belief. > Genes don't get 'watered' down, they stay as they are but can (in the case of the albino gene) remain hidden for generations. Crow
  15. What a lovely, thoughtful, kind man! I'm so glad to have had the pleasure of getting to know you!