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Harkila Pro Hunter GTX Boots

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WE bought a pair of Harkila's not having seen the previous comments on this page. Ours have been an utter disaster. Bought mid December, the wife wore them in at her office, then around town, 5 days in total. However, walking through the snow at Bristol airport on the way to Zermatt for Xmas, they either let in water or there was an avalanche of condensation.They shrank or twisted on the plane, and by Zermatt (sitting on the train) she had a blister. Despite using Compeed plasters and heavyweight socks, within 2 days there were 2 blisters.The outside leather stayed wet, in patches, for over 12 hours, and the insides were still wet after 15 hours (whether through water ingress or hopeless breathability who knows). They became completely unusable and were destroying her feet.


Sent them off to the retailer, with a full explanation, including the wear-in process, asking for a refund of money as they were not fit for purpose.Scott Country, didn't reply, and it took 3 contacts to get them to tell me they'd sent them to Seeland. 5 weeks later the boots have come back, saying all tested and nothing wrong with them at all, advising me to wear them in and wear heavyweight socks.


These boots caused a lot of damage and pain, to an experienced hiker, and allowed water ingress or grossly inadequate breathability.

The customer care from the manufacturer and retailer has been appaling, and insulting. Why would anyone want to to buy from them??

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Your paying for a name with them I'm afraid...


Thankfully Gill ended up buying me another pair of Meindl's Ian. the last pair I had no complaints about and hopefully the same with these :thumbs:. cracking comfortable boots.......



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I have never found anything Seeland related to take much abuse...But Meindl boots...A different kettle of fish :victory:


Seeland gear is mostly poor, harkila is better but totally overpriced for what you get... I think they should stick to the clothes and keep clear of boots..

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Ha Ha. Wish I'd seen this thread earlier in the week!


Just bought a pair of the Harkila 11" Stalker GTX.


I bought them as something different to my Meindl Dovre Extremes (which despite comments elsewhere on THL, have been the best pair of boots I've had, but very heavy).


1st impressions, they certainly aren't as stout as the meindls and don't seem to offer the same support. They are a lot lighter and I'm hoping the cordura won't need as much maintenance as the leather meindls. I'm sure they will do a job and at the price I was very pleased with them.



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