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Shotgun certificate

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Hello, I have been putting off getting a shotgun certificate for a while now and just havn't got around to it. I was wonwering if a primary school teacher is an appropriate person to sign the certificate? I have known her for a long time and she is married to one of the farmers who's land I shoot on. Thanks Greg.

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From my experience, anyone will do as long as they have a "professional" job. Now, that from what ive tried, means anyone in who works in an office, so that can be a customer service person, a sales person, a manager, an IT engineer. Basically anyone in an office. Of course, each licencing area may be different and when I first got my license I assumed it meant solicitors / doctors / lawyers and that type had to sign it, but the last 3 renewals I got anyone I knew in an office who had known me for over 12 months to sign and its been fine.

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My last renewal I got a friend who i sometimes go ferreting with to sign it.......he is an art teacher in a secondary school.....first time round it was a lad i knew who was a fireman at the time

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