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3 quarterhorses and my Fox Trotter

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here's my mare Inca, she is 27 and is a naturally gaited Missouri Fox Trotter












first day meeting the goats






the 3 quarter horses I am boarding for someone who is traveling and between homes




Inca didn't like them much when they first came here but she is better now



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Smashing Tiff!! i did not know You were a horse woman too!!!

I must admit i have just had to google a fox trotter, Amazing History and Gait :thumbs:


perhaps i better start saving for that trip :laugh:



I have encounted a few Quarter Horses over here but never ridden one nor a cowboy :laugh:

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you don't know what you are missing :thumbs: ride one and you will be spoiled forever (I'm talking about the Fox Trotter of course) :laugh:

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thank you, she is graying a bit now around her eyes and muzzle but those pics are from this year and last year so she still looks the same.


As a breed they are the percentage-wise the longest living horses, many are ridden into their 30's with great success. But they are often used daily so that probably is a big part of it, a lot of the other "money" horses (arabs, throughbreds etc) are trained/ridden their first few years, and then spend the rest of their lives in pasture breeding. The Fox Trotter is a working breed and I can only assume that helps extend their lives. I would like to train her to pull a little cart, that would be a lot of fun I think and would be neat to road the dogs that way!

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quarters are a very steady breed, some lines have lots of "eye" for cutting cattle, roping, basically ranch (or rodeo) work. Some have HUGE asses, thick shoulders, short legs, no neck ... it was a show fad that got out of hand, and they are too laid back for me, I like some spirit in my animals (but then I used to like Jack Russells too before my nerves couldn't take them anymore :laugh: .) They make good all around horses and tend to be more working type horses. Where we boarded as kids most of the horses were quarters, we had the only Arabs on the place. Quarters make good trail horses for most people but I rode endurance (2-3 day rides) and the Arabs exceeded anything a quarter could do, the Arabs could take long hard hot rocky rides much better. The best horse I ever had was an Arab/Paso Fino cross called Line, CRAZY sure footed but quite flighty, she had me off more than a few times, she was the only horse that got me off more than once. Other than Inca, Line was the only mare I had ever owned and I swore off them after I sold her, moody bitches :laugh: Geldings are my preference but Inca has been a pleasure. I like the palomino "Dream" that we are boarding right now, you can't really see in the picture but it is actually a dappled phase palomino, lovely in the sun! He is for sale for something like $10,000, the owner had a couple of people who wanted him and were ready to pay but when she met the people she didn't like them :laugh:

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Your mare looks very well for her age :thumbs: Lovely looking animal.


The palomino quarter horse looks very much like one my friend owns. He's a big lad, I think he's around 16hh, but he's hard work to ride - just too laid back! :laugh:


I have an almost palomino pony - a Haflinger. She is only about 14.2 hh but incredibly powerful, and a bit lively sometimes!

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there are some people here who breed haflingers, they are marketed as the ultimate carting pony, they might be interesting to give a try!

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