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  1. I am Happy to Announce we have a new Chairman John Bennett.
  2. I have that submission here, I will see if Alan is well enough to verify ...
  3. To make my position clear, this will be my final post on the subjects that have been raised on THL . The past cannot be re written , the Hunting Act 2004 is in the here and now . When the issue of a club was raised, sometime back, it was taken to e mails only as things were degenerating via THL , I was part of that and I have kept all the e mails. After some heated exchanges on the open forum, and after Skycat and Trench had a meeting with Tim Bonner , I had spoken with the two of them as Alan Tyer was away, I was NOT about to advertise that fact on an open forum, I had promise
  4. You only need to look at the ban hunting with dogs , on face book, some folk are handing them loaded ammo , what is posted ( including photos ) here, will be used there, like wise face book again used there, even Tim Bonner is copping for a hammering . So if is see some thing that some one here has posted on their page, shall i be looking to blame them or the OP ?
  5. Brilliant idea Sandy , You know the drill, put Your self forward for the position in charge of the above . lets say Events coordinator , It will be decided on by the members at the AGM
  6. former the ALC . Wilf me dears it was very much coursing orientated back then, and was part of trying to save lurcher work , in the 2004 Hunting Act.... Now i can happily let You rant and rave , it goes right over the top of my head, and my eyes go bleary ... but never insinuate the funds are used for jollies ..! All members can view the Club funds on request .
  7. I have spoken with the wildlife officer here in Lincs, , suffice to say he was more interested in his show truck being off the road I have raised the issues of shows etc with other members, but its too late for this year i fear, however it wont be forgotten . Most of what is being added here, will be brought up at the AGM, many thanks
  8. Carpe Diem, did that a few days ago. thank You for Your input Artic. some of which You have mentioned , i have on the go. ....
  9. In a world,where 'self ' seems to be the way forward , Flipper_Al has restored my faith in humanity . The time You have given up to help me with my laptop problems today , *Flipper,* is above and beyond . Many Many thanks
  10. Your wrong again DB tis the Lincolnshire Poacher
  11. Well we shall have to seize the day and use this platform to return the status quo . Well done Dog Man .
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