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CO2 Air Rifles

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Having read all of the above I can pretty much see everyone's point of view, out of the box a qb will either be wonderful or a total bag of pants, fortunately though they are very easy to customise, have a growing following and modified parts are easy to come by. Yes co2 does suffer with the cold so at this time of year mine sits in at home and I take my springer out, but during the summer I always go for my qb, its lovely, puts out a steady 12flbs and is as accurate as anything else I've ever used! Saying that though it has had a lot of work done to it (got bored and fancied a project and for what they cost I thought why not!) best advice I can give if you buy one is have a look at some of the tuning forums, grab a tool kit and have a play with it. I'd ask for it to be chrono'd at the shop as well as the difference in power and quality between two guns can be massive.

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hi mate i have owned a few smk before the xs19 and the 208 are good for hunting mybe only 10.5fp but i was hitting rabbits at 45 yards easy the best thing is to go to your gun smiths and ask to have a look and see what suit's you hope this helps atb

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i have a smk qb78 dl and my dad took it to bits cleaned and polished a few things then replaced the seal and its great now....

on the farm i have shot rabbits rats and squirrells and also pigeons from off the top of the dutch barns... so thats about a 25 metre shot... no problem..

when its cold it is affected a small amount but not much..

my dad gets the 12g bottles in boxes of 50 for about £16 on the internet... sometimes i just put one empty and one full in and i get about 25 shots at about 11 lb cos there is no point of wasting all that gas if i am hunting.. 25 shots is enough for me cos sometimes there is not a lot about.

during the summer when we first tuned the gun my dad had to change the seal because it was too powerful on the crono my dad said that it was 4lb over so we went home and he put a smaller seal in then tested it again and it was about 11 lb and it started dropping to about 8lb after 25 shots so i have my pellets in bags of 25 then i let the gas out and put a new gas cartridge in .

i like my gun because it is light and does not kick when i fire it.and sometimes i just shoot 5 pence coins that i blu tack on the side of the shed. the most times i have hit it is 9 times in a row but its only about 10 metres away



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I've had plenty of Weihrauch springers - nigh on impossible to fault (bar weight if youre slightly built)and will last a lifetime. Accurate and will cleanly kill at all airgun ranges.

I've got a Ratcatcher standards 12g co2 cart and ive had it for 13 years. It still puts pellet on pellet at 25 yards, ideal for vermin between 12 and 25 yards, and have taken rabbits head shot comfortably at 30 yards and slightly more. 40 shots per CO2 bulb too.

I used to have a BSA Ultra multi. Crap autoload system in my experience but accurate nonetheless. Single shots are cheap and of course, recoilless , as is the Ratty.


I'd ask how often it'll be used - lots then I'd go for the PCP.

Bear in mind too where it'll be shot - short range where lower power is required, at 8.5fpe, I'd take the ratty.

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