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Hi All

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[b]Hi all,

I am new to this forum (usually fishing) but would like some advice on a new air gun set up for hunting.

I am pretty set on air arms 410, but would like to know a good scope and silencer to match it and the best pellets to use.

I don’t mind spending a bit to get a good set up!

All advice would be appreciated. [/b]

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Hi Quail and welcome to the forum :thumbs:


Firstly i think the s410 is a great choice :whistling:


and as for pellets i use air arms field and my gun loves em, i also use an air arms silencer and it is very quiet.


For scopes if your willing to spend have a look at some of these http://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/products/Optics_Rifle+Scopes_SCHMIDT+AND+BENDER_PRECISSION+HUNTER/pagestart/0/ there are alot of cheaper scopes than this. I use a Hawke Nighteye 4-16x50 £120, but on ebay there is a Tasco 6-24x50 for just £40 the regular lads on here use them and have great results


Atb mate Zak.

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Hi, Quail.


I use a 410c and I'm very happy with it. Handles and shoots really well for me, can't fault it.


My gun seems to shoot best with Logun Penetrators, H and N FTTs and RWS Super Domes (.22). It's currently fitted with the AA silencer but I'm going to fit my HW one to it soon, as the original fitment's OK but not best.


As for a scope, bloody hell the choice is endless!! I like to keep things fairly basic as I think if it can go wrong, one day it will. I use a simple Walther 4-12x50 30mm tube I picked up from JS Ramsbotoms for a very good price. Again, I can't fault it for what it is.


Good luck!



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My S400 likes Air Arms field 5.52 best, although I am experimenting with Falcon Accuracy Plus, which have a much flatter trajectory.


As for scopes, a lot of people on various forums have been very happy with the J.S.Ramsbottom offerings.





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I considered an S410c before my wife got me the TDR. It comes with a great silencer and as for scopes, at air rifle ranges, I don't see the point in spending a fortune.


I'm using accupells and loving them!

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i use a 3-9x50 hawke nite eye ir excellent scope for general use and hunting etc and the after care from hawke is excellent i released the pressure in my scope by removing the gasket by accident and they filled it up and changed all the lenses and parralaxed for free and sent back out to me with new warranty :thumbs:

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