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selling up dogs must go

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2 bull greyhounds for sale dog and a bitch. bitch pup £200 ready to come on and dog £400 pm for questions. dogs woudnt be for sale but been kicked out the kip and dogs need to go. SUNDERLAND area atb poacher :thumbs:


is the bull x still for sale ,

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same shit happened to me a while back mate, sold the dogs then got back wi the mrs, make sure your dofinately not goin back bacause i was gutted when this happened to me







Same here mate! i didnt get back with the bitchfeck.gif but gave my dogs to my mate 6 months ago!! Lucky enough he said he would look after one and keep one!! Now im in new gaff and the kennel is going back up next week and then ill have my dog backtoast.gif !!!!!! Problem is the minshaw pup he kept is smacking everything left,right and centre!!doh.gif

Shame your packing in thou pal!!


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