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Tips and help for beginners

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Me i travel light. Camo gear with a british army kit bag Pair of secetaurs.

Small camo net , use. Secetures to cut Limbs to make hydes

Bangers planted. Around to keep the pigions up as much as poss

Keep to the hedges as much as poss and build hydes in all the best places

And add to them as the seasons pass.

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I'm from Norway but a piegon is a pigeon I guess :-)


I use half decoys, around 15 of them in a U shape. I don't use any fancy hide stuff, just find myself a place in the bushes with good view and keep the dogs lying down not making any moves. I shoot with a 20 bore Franchi.







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I once made paper mache decoys by putting cling film over a shell decoy and then paper mache newspaper over them ( primary school stuff ,ask your children lol) They worked but were prone to rain. I varnished some but they shone like mad and didn't work, looked like blobs of treacle!

To be honest the price of a pack of shell decoys i wouldn't bother now , but i was young and broke.

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This post's a good idea, so many times the same questions are asked by newbies.

While off work for a long period and with the newbies in mind I sat and wrote a paper on the basics from gun to decoying to pass some time.

Just recently again off work I gave it a re-write and added some pics and diagrams anyone that wants a copy is welcome to it, im no writer but its been out to a few folk on another forum and had nice comments .

Just message me your e-mail addy and i will forward it .

Hey just reading this post and was wondering is there any chance I could get a copy of that!! I know that's a bit forward of me, but if I can get anything to help me in anyway.. I'm jumping at it lol.. Just new to the site today myself!!


Thanks a mil

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I appreciate that. amber_murray13@hotmail.com is the email looking forward to reading through it for tips!!!


Thanks a mil

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