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well i arrived at gunshop today with farmer (getting a new shotgun) and i seen my mate there he had just nabbed the bipod i was after, but in the end i ended up paying 65 quid for a harris 13 -27 swivel, not defintly sure on size...


but anyway he was saying ohh im going home to go rabbiting with my NEW bipod, just trying to wind me up




i got home at about 7 and was up at farm for 7:15, quickly zeroed me air arms and off i went,


i got to the 22 acre and was looking at the "hot spot" for rabbits then i seen one not 15 yard away slink away, bugger, so i lay down and waited for him to re-apear, but to no avil, i turned around just to see if the weather was coming in and a rabbit 25 yards away hopped through the fence and was gone in the gorsh, b*asterd!


i then moved on 50 yards and spotted 3 rabbits, 2 of them buggerd of but one stayed there, it was bobbing its head up and down, i said to myself next time its head pops up im nailing him, he stood up on his hind legs, i linned up the recticle just behind his eye, the instant i pulled the triger he ducked!

no i was annoyed :( lol


anyway i did in the end shoot one, but it was really dark, i heard the thud of the pellet hit home, it kicked its self onto its back, then got onto its front and rand about 3 yards towards the middle of the field, then flipped onto its back, i thought sh*t ive pricked him, so i reloaded and shot him again, that instant he bolted straight into the gorsh, never to be seen again :wallbash:

i am confident that i had killed him, but it was to dark to search for long and in the gorsh i would have had no chance in hell of finding him!


then my mate calls, are you out rabbiting he asks, "yes im out rabbiting", did you get anything?, i explainded what had happed and he just laughed at me, he then said, " i shot two rabbits with MY NEW BIPOD", i quickly replied, you b*asterd lol


rant over,


sorry lads today was just one of those days where nothing happend right for me,


on the plus side i got a cracker of a bipod cheap, so did my mate, and the farmer got a new shotgun:)


all the best



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I Feel for you buddy,


My life as a whole is very much like that llittle story at the moment :(



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i did get a bargin though, but it was more exspensive :angry: got a harris swivel 13 - 27" for 65 quid second hand ofc, but its mint, the bloke said hes putting them upto 100 quid new so not that bad!


phantom every dog has thier day, your day is yet to come :tongue2:


all the best

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