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Now then airgunners, just a quick walk around with the HW1OOT to see what was about, not really pushing the boundaries of airgunning today, just needed to have a stack around this permission that I've not been on for a while, normally fetch the dogs on this piece of land, no barbed wire or man made hazards, just rabbit warrens :) Left the dogs at home so I could walk over the land and see whats what, there seemed to be plenty about, but nothing was giving it self up easily, so decided to sit and observe for a while, plan A ;) I just wanted to see where the bigger warrens were and sort out a bit of easy bolting for my lurcher pup later this year. There were loads of scurry's leaping in and out of the long grass and back onto the short grass next to the burrows, I have to say it was amusing to watch, its at these times that you realise theres more to hunting than just whacking animals, the bee's were buzzing in the hedge rows, black berries are starting to ripen in nice numbers, as are the sloes, the countryside seemed to be a peacefull place to be at that moment, then a blackbird let go with its alarm call behind me, that was it, the peace was shattered, my presence was known to all the inhabitants of this idyllic place, GAME ON! Just remembered why I'm here :D The nearest bunny was turned towards the burrow ready to do one if I twitched, but that did not save him, a slow roll off into the grass with the gun resting on my leg saw saw him slapped with a superdome, his neighbour was just looking at him with his legs in the air, it just held its interest long enough for me to slap him with a dome too :D The Blackbird had flown off, peace was restored, two in the bag, and if the gobby Blackbird kept its distance, maybe more would follow :) Got a text from the Mrs asking if I needed the shed left open incase I needed my cleaver, the return text said yes, after half a hour of just listening to the various song birds giving it large in the bushes behind me, another bunny was making its way back to the warren, it must have made a dash to the long grass after Mr Blackbirds outburst, purely because it was the nearest cover, it hopped out onto the short grass, must have been peckish because it stopped, and this was my cue to launch superdome number three of the session, whack! and he's a rock n roller, so with three sat there waiting to be picked up, and more a possibility, it was looking good :D After a recent trip out and not filling the mag, which nearly lost me a bunny, I thought I would do it while I had time, just got the mag in and the bolt across and another bunny had lept out onto the green baise, whack! and it was his turn to break dance, wasn't a very good one though, he only did four turns before he gave up, it started spitting, and due to the rain plague we've had lately, I decided to pack up, four was enough for to feed my kits some fresh, so paunched and legged I left the wildlife to get on with their busy lives.

Keep at em folks!




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