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Heres a list of books i'm selling,all £7.50 each unless otherwise stated.


The new ABC of shooting £5


Wildlife detective-Alan Stewart


Game for the sporting rifle-Henry Tegner £8


Training the roughshooters dog-Peter Moxon


Training the retriever-J.Kersley




Deer watch-Richard Prior


Badgers-Michael Clark £7.50


The crows-Franklin Coombs


Country tales,old gamekeepers(£5)


The gamekeeper at home-Richard Jeffries £5


The private life of the rabbit-R.M.Lockley £5


The book of the countryside(£5)


The pigeon shooter-John Batley


Pigeon shooting-Archie Coats(£5)


Practical pigeon shooting-Peter Hall


Wild mammals and the land(£5)


Trapping-James Bateman


Game pie(£5)


Highland deer forest-Lea Macnally


The woods belong to me-Angus Nudds


Predatory mammals in Britain(£5)


Stoats,weasels,polecats and martens-Paddy Sleeman £7.50


The moorland gamekeeper-J.Spottiswoode


Deer a personal view-Ian Alcock


Your shoot-Ian McCall


The farmers book of fieldsports £8


Rough shooting(shooting times library)(£5)


The rough shoot-Daniel Green


A shoot of your own-Michael Kemp


Running your own shoot-David Hudson


Nature detective-Hugh Falkus £5


All about the jack russell terrier-Mona Huxham


In the company of crows and ravens £7.50


Shootings strangest days £5


The blood is wild-Bridget MacCaskill


Border terriers today-Roslin-Williams


More tales of the old poachers-John Humphreys


Tales of the old gamekeepers-Brian Martin


The international encyclopedia of shooting


Sporting terriers-Pierce O'Connor(£5)


Working terrier yearbook,vol 5 ,1987(£5)


The working terrier-Plummer


Collect Central Scotland or will post at cost.Paypal please.

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More books:

The gamekeeper at home and the amatuer poacher-Ricard Jeffries(one book) £5


Ground game(shooting times library) £5


The wild sports and natural history of the highlands £5


Ferreting and trapping-Guy Smith


Fieldsports-Jack Charlton


Rabbit shooting to ferrets-W.Thomas


Rabbiting-Bob Smithson


Shooting and the countryside-Hunter Adair


Net making for sport-Howard Glyn


Ratting and rabbiting-Guy Smith


Working ferrets-Jackie Drakeford


Rabbit control-Jackie Drakeford


Fred J Taylors guide to ferreting


The ferret and ferreting handbook-James Mckay


Complete guide to ferrets-James Mckay


The ferret and ferreting guide-Graham Wellstead


The complete book of ferrets-Val porter and Nicholas Brown


Gamekeeping and shooting for amatuers-Guy Smith


Bob Church's guide to the champions fly patterns £7.50


Falconry in the british isles


Understanding owls-Jemima Parry-Jones


Falconry and hawking-Philip Glasier


The complete rabbit and hare hawk-Hollinshead


Falconry-On a wing and a prayer-Nick Hammond


Falconry art and practice-Emma Ford


The harris hawk-William Harris


Training birds of prey-Jemima Parry-Jones


A kestrel to fly-video

Harris hawking with Bob Dalton-video £5 for both vids

Edited by Bobo

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do you still have any books left i am interested in feild fair terrier year books and fell terrier how much and what condition are they in posted i can pay by pay pal

cheers Neil ;)

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Whippets-Shirley Rawlings

how much?


Sorry mate,that just sold tonight,i'll remove it from the list.

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Sent message to you with regards to books look forward to hearing from you ;)



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Again do you still have EDRD mags if yes let me know what ones and i will have same time ?


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