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air rifle holidays in uk???

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hi everyone, im new to the site so unsure if this is in the right place, im looking for sumwere to rent (anywere in uk) for a shooting weekend, there will probably be 4-6 of us, 2-3 of us will be hunting, (yes the rest are the women but hey) all with air rifles (under 12 ft lbs). does anyone no of anywere, or a website/ contact details.

prefrebly a cottage with plenty of land or something similar would be great.

none of us have insurence but if its needed its no problem getting it

cheers for looking

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Try here: out shooting


outshooting used to be a member on here, but I haven't seen him about the place for a long time. :hmm::thumbs:

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cheers pal it looks a good 1, anyone else no of any others


Here you go mate.





Moon Cottage, Humpfreys farm, East Sussex 01424813068


All weather shooting lodge with full field target air gun range (sub 12ftp only), swimming pool, four birth luxury caravan or camping, air gun hire, air bottle charging, shooting tuition, all weather shooting lodge with facilities so you can shoot whether its raining or snowing, roost shooting, wood pigeon, squirrels, magpie, rabbits and other quarry, full decoy setup with camouflaged shooting hide. :)

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thanks alot people, i rang luckyfarmyard earlyer on today, it only sleeps 2 people (1 bed cottage) bt it sounds really good for a 2 person shoot, he only does at least a 1 week stay tho

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