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  1. My 97k mk1 V-mach got to post it Monday regretting it already. Sold for £280.
  2. I sold my Goldstar for £260 it only owed me £30 for rifle and £40 for the mag lovely rifle, but could not compete with my 97k.
  3. Nice work Davy, fitted one on my 97k a year ago used a hand file and wire wool for a nice polished finish.
  4. Magpie 67 yards went for head shot but he took it in the neck dropped like a brick.
  5. Hi Lads I've got a Falcon FN8 pistol can anyone tell me what they are worth. It's fitted with a holographic sight with four interchangeable cross hair settings and silencer.
  6. Hi I have a Falcon FN8 walnut pistol .22 for sale comes with a holographic sight with four interchangeable cross hair settings and silencer. It is tuned to 5.8 ft/lbs with AA pellets, they cost £334 bare from new. Bargain £250. Falcon range of pistols are based on the Falcon rifles, making them simple to use, reliable and extremely accurate. They are factory set at close to 6ft lbs, so they are one of the few pistols that are suitable for close range vermin control or long range target work. Spares & accessories are readily available. Fully adjustable 2 stage trigger allows you to take full advantage of the guns inherent accuracy. This PCP pistol is of course completely recoilless. Quality Walther barrel.
  7. Do you happen to have any pics or a link showing these adjustments?
  8. He's already got a small b3ll end he's an expert at cocking his rifle. Sorry
  9. Your only up the road ........... kill shot, Kill zone, Sure shot.
  10. I was terrified of the piston on my 97k when i first had it but the the video shows you have to be careful when loading break barrels aswell.
  11. I've got the HW100 full length version it's a brilliant rifle. Not too fond of BSA rifles.
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