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  1. Thank you jacknife, I was hoping for .22 lr. I have some experience with the .22 lr and like their performance. I shall check out the land requirements. Need to find somewhere to shot first in the Oxfordshire area!
  2. After a long time away, I was wondering what could be accepted on farm land in terms of single shot rifles? I want to keep my shotgun for club clay pigeon, but really need advice on what type of rifle or rifles are good with scope/stalking for small game. Thank you in advance
  3. Hi Simon I'm a new'be tour this website too, so welcome from a fellow newbie. Some amazing reads and topics here. Happy hunting
  4. Shootinglife I live in Oxford, I'm very interested
  5. Bunny boiler I live in Oxford and would love to participate, if the offer is still on, I would be more than happy to come along. I'm very flexible with time on weekends and any time after 5pm on weekdays. Jon
  6. Hello, my name is Jon, as you can probably tell from my member name I'm a community Nurse from Oxford. I stumbled across this website and I have to say, I'm impressed with the volume of members and there are some really interesting reads on the forums and article section. I'm 47, i used to compete in rifle .22 SLR live round, spent some time pinkering around with air rifles and currently clay pigeon shooting at the Jericho farm gun club Oxford. I'm new to Oxford so not really knowing the Oxfordshire area very well. My real interest is to get back to small game shooting rabbit, pigeon pheasant, not knowing the area I am really struggling to find locations or game shoots. I'm in the current process of buying new equipment including shotgun or rifle, I haven't decided which yet.
  7. Saved this page to favourites, thank you very useful.
  8. Good advice. I'm finding the whole process of where to buy and who to buy from to be difficult. Currently shooting at a clay shoot club, but finding it difficult to find locations in the Oxford area for a small game shot rabbits, pigeon, pheasant and then either to.purchase a clay/game shot gun or a single shot rifle?
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