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  1. layers and then more layers with waterproofs on top!
  2. Anybody ventured near Grimsby? I go to a place called Immingham where you can fish straight off the wall - basically out of your car boot!
  3. Thanks guys, I shall persevere!
  4. Hi, new here so hello everyone! Has anyone watched MCB bushcraft on YouTube? On there he talks about aiming with instinct (i.e. Shooting as you see target). Have any of you done this? What is your success rate? Just asking! Sorry if it's nonsense. Thanks.
  5. Hi all. I'm fairly new to all this - from Lincolnshire and have been hunting mainly with an air rifle on my own. Only just found this site, and really wish I'd have looked before from seeing all of the help and support that's available. Starting to have an interest in ferreting but haven't taken the plunge to get any yet (still think there's more to learn before that). Hoping you guys can help with that, and you never know, I may end up doing something else. Looking forward to having a good look around the site over the next few days. I'm a good listener, so looking forward to
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