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  1. Just seen this thanks. Sorry i haven't been on here of late what with the new arrival and all. As for Kevin if anyone has an opportunity for him he is a safe shot listened to everything i said no problems, hes a genuine guy just trying to get out shooting more.
  2. Has no body even got an opinion on them regardless if you own them?
  3. Looking at buying a set of decoys and have been looking at the Enforcer Decoys (pro series) has anyone used them and if so your thoughts. They sell a set of 10 with spring sticks for 69.99 link below. https://www.djdecoys.com/product/enforcer-pro-series-full-body-pigeon-decoys/
  4. Well I know how hard it was to find a perm when I first started and it's all fine to moan about it but when you get one and you don't make an effort to share it your just as bad as the people you moaned about in my eyes. Truth be told even if they haven't even got a FAC I would take anyone under my wing at the moment and show them what I know. I only hope I will get it in return in the future. I spent ages looking for someone to guide me on foxes. You would think I asked people if I could sleep with their wives .
  5. Looking for a shooting buddy really I have recently got some time from work freeing up my weekends and Thursdays and Fridays I will be heading out more in future and no doubt I will get bored on the odd day or night so I am looking for someone to come along on my perm. The perm is based in ongar essex looking for a fellow shooter who has either NV/ or day scope no lamping allowed preferably with your own perm as it would be nice to try some where different every now and then but it's not a requirement as I know most people won't have their permission/land. Extra note: I am also trying to get involved with the game keeping side of things more so any game keepers near me need a helping hand with day to day things let me know as I would love the chance to get hands on. Not expecting money in return just want the experience. Anyone interested just DM me and as always you must have insurance. kind regards Nick.
  6. .17hmr is a brilliant caliber but I find I hit many more rabbits with the .22 as the subsonic round is deadly quite. If they made a .17HMR without the supersonic crack even with a good moderator I would buy that ammo all day long.
  7. The grounds I shoot are very flat in areas making it hard to read the range with my eyes and with no features about to take into account. It's not essential but having the comfort of knowing what my range is exactly puts my mind at rest. Plus I do push my ammunition further than I like on some permissions, just this weekend gone I took rabbits at 110yrds, 120yrds and 130yrds with a .22lr in mild wind fortunately I have a good brand rifle which holds a good zero and I have learnt my rifle well. As you could image though at those ranges with a .22lr 15yards is a full mil dot drop so guessing itnt best lol.
  8. Thanks chaps for the input I am interested in the drone but without a intergrated LRF I am leaning to the pulsar. Unless anyone knows of a drone with a LFR intergrated into it. Nick
  9. Thanks for the input congrats on the open ticket by the way on the HMR. Like I said I am 90% mind made up but any input is welcomed before the purchase.
  10. I currently use the ward D700 but it has broken on me and I have messaged them as its still in warranty and haven't got any response so I have lost some faith in them. So after a look on the market i saw the LRF N970 the new model and it has taken my interest. I will be using it around 120yards so not any great distance.
  11. Looking to purchase one in the next few weeks for a new rifle I am 90% set on getting it but I thought I would ask on here to see if anyone is using one yet and your thoughts on it many thanks Nick.
  12. Hi chaps recently bought a Ward D700 night vision set up very happy with it and bagged quite a few bunnies already but I wondered about recording footage to look back on for shot improvement. It has a 3-pin connector for charging which I am sure you can plug in a recording device but can't find any for sale any ideas?? Other wise I will get a camera mount to record down the scope. Many thanks. Nick.
  13. Thanks for the input really appreciate it and what ir illuminator you using with it. Thinking about 50 yards is going to be most shots taken.
  14. Right it's either going to be the Atom or the Ward D700 advice please from anyone who has used either or both many thanks. Nick.
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