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  1. I grew up with him he wasn’t w bad lad, an only done it to folk where hardly living a clean life themselves, in end it caught up with him tho, so many lads I grew up with ain’t around anymore, sad but true
  2. Growing up we genuinely had to watch out for the new drug war as smack took over, then there was the young lads out slashing each other in gang wars, an then believe it or not there was also a religious mini war going on among catholic’s an Protestants, or Celtic an rangers fans as most know em, don’t get me wrong they wasn’t all jumping about killing each other 24/7 but it was real easy to get caught in wrong street with wrong colours on, or walking into a group a drunk neds or get caught up in the battles over drugs, it’s not as bad now but still a dodgy place, I’d never raise my kids there tho, sack that
  3. Was possil park at one point bird, bang smack in Glasgow city an too say it was one first places in U.K. to have a heroin epidemic is a understatement, it’s a well known place among a lot of jocks that know Glasgow, but like I said some the folk are most friendly folk you ever meet, until you crossed them, an there’s loads areas like that across the U.K., cork is one friendliest places I ever been, felt right at home there on our flying visit the folk couldn’t have helped more
  4. Heard few similarities tales of his dogs but some them were proper lookers, got give him that
  5. I’ll give you that one I been there aswell, was a flying visit tho
  6. Iv been in some holes, an cork don’t even come close, I grew up on the most poverty stricken place in uk, but the folk were bang on, an it was same in a lot of the shit holes I been to, where’s some the nicer areas I lived in or been to are about as friendly as a satanic ritual ffs always go for the local folk rather than the area when judging a place
  7. My pups a carrier not a chewer, so far anyways, but fcuk she will pick anything up an carry it haha even tried to retrieve the ferrets to there annoyance will sit an mouth things aswell but never done any damage to anything, yet but by fcuk can this things shift soil it’s like a Fcuking Badger the way it digs, neighbours ain’t impressed at all I still think she ace tho, proper taking a streetch tho as we say where I grew up, starting to look like a lurcher more an more every day. I’ll try an get some more pics when my lad gets in with her
  8. Is that one them collie crosses plummer started breeding?
  9. W. Katchum


    Hatch said in other thread it was a heart attack I think, didn’t know him personally or even spoke to him in private but I found him a very funny witty guy with decent morals going by his posts, my deepest thoughts am condolences to his wife an especially his kids R.i.p Damien
  10. Been a while since I had a drink but ye know what fcuk it I’m gonna have a couple beers after me shift r.i.p Damien
  11. Cracker that, were everywhere when I was a lad them wee dogs
  12. My ole granda used to say never trust a liar, work with a thief or depend on a cur
  13. Maybe he was around an handled the dogs that started it all
  14. There you go again, waffling instead a asking the questions or listening, away to fcuk with you ya silly hick fcuk
  15. Silly fcuker do you forget where the dog your spouting about was grafted an used? Way Before you ever even knew what a black dog was Maybe just maybe? Your actually talking to somebody that knows a bit more than you? Try listening for a change ffs, you may enjoy it
  16. Whole system, not just the justice system is as corrupt an An faulty as fcuk, but hey never mind we got a register for the beasty peado cnuts that get caught An we got the intelligence agencies with a list a terorists an suspects but won’t act on em nice one
  17. Deffo mate I told wife about this thread an she even laughed at pics of it sat in house, must get attached spending that time with it, lovely wee thing aswell, if I wasn’t so busy I’d have one in a flash, would be ace about the barns an that at work, gutted this thread will come to an end
  18. Few of my mates have went an bought lures, one even bought wee motorbike to run it out with none of them ever got used a 3rd time waste a Fcuking money
  19. He races an shows em ad far as i know mate an they are kc reg, he did work a couple a them but tbh they was only small for the land I had at time, since then tho I know a few other lads have em for ferreting an a bit lamping an they do as a whippet should mate. There’s not a lot between whippets imo an you’ll get out what you put in aslong as they don’t throw tiny. If I was after a whippet an Iv said it before the day will prob come again in the future, I wouldn’t be too hung up on lines or what eve, I’d honestly go see a few litters an take a pup out parents I liked best
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