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  1. Born Hunter do You follow his programme or anything? Quote wrong person ffs
  2. That was a joke lol if not heard the reason why you done what you did, neither do I care as long as you wasn't creeping an robbing somebody's house, cos where I'm from they are among the lowest of the low
  3. Stoney wasn't you an sambo 's lad sniffing round the same lass at one point
  4. And all because a guy ridiculed him on the web might wanna be careful what you say next
  5. I'll listen to this tonight in tractor, cheers mate
  6. Na sorry was just a pure mistake on this tablets part. Phones hooded an tablets posting on wrong threads ffs. Never even saw yours ignore me
  7. Unless they diff sizes then big one worth 40 an wee yin 25
  8. But it's his name an I doubt he even a darkie
  9. Wrong thread Looks the part tho
  10. For such a shite forum full a wankers, ye certainly hung about sambo
  11. Pure crap Only messing mate start a thread an see how it goes, I say this tho,lucky you not working with me or youd have no time or energy to post anything
  12. If it was fcuked it would have gone back to dealer, take it to a dealer an they will tell you the craic, woulnt be getting too excited about big pay day tho
  13. Think I got 2 big padded fcukers for .99p an free delivery but I'm sure most them illegal to use for the kids in motor, but do make strap easier on neck of you feel it
  14. Get better pads cheaper online, fcuk Halfords right off
  15. What is that 11 quid a brace??
  16. Not fancy the kelpie cross pup jigsaw was trying to rehome
  17. I grew up with him he wasn’t w bad lad, an only done it to folk where hardly living a clean life themselves, in end it caught up with him tho, so many lads I grew up with ain’t around anymore, sad but true
  18. Growing up we genuinely had to watch out for the new drug war as smack took over, then there was the young lads out slashing each other in gang wars, an then believe it or not there was also a religious mini war going on among catholic’s an Protestants, or Celtic an rangers fans as most know em, don’t get me wrong they wasn’t all jumping about killing each other 24/7 but it was real easy to get caught in wrong street with wrong colours on, or walking into a group a drunk neds or get caught up in the battles over drugs, it’s not as bad now but still a dodgy place, I’d never raise my kids there tho, sack that
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