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  1. How good is it. Could he write a name on blade? Long it last?
  2. Think your Fcuking cool now, don’t ye
  3. Get in touch way Brighty if you into the crows an that mate, i give you a message next time I got em throo here ( few weeks time, after pheasant season done) an ye can come throo if ye want, be good to catch up
  4. Just buy em off somebody that’s already done em
  5. Seasons done more or less mate I’m only doing last few bits I really need to am wrapping up
  6. Iv spent a good few hours in back a motor with the man, an Iv said it before on here, the time, advice, tips an all round attitude the man showed me an my lad was unreal, he a proper gentleman. An his knowledge of all that’s country is amazing, think he one a my lads hero’s, but don’t tell him that
  7. Hope he squeals an Taps out
  8. I’m here haha jist in as it goes. Who won?
  9. I know it’s not sporting an deffo not for the purist but have ye seen the other ted up in chopper with big fcuk off gun taking them out whilst flyingthat looks like w crackin way to spend a day
  10. Must admit some similarities but i never begged for nowt except me hole an iv never even been on dragon driving
  11. No, but stranger things have happened c green knows if he ever up this way he more then welcome here for a brew or mooch anout the yard
  12. Sounds okay that, 85 a month? Nowt like that at our gym
  13. What they called? He has done a few, think he has a site? He on here so ask him
  14. Saw a few of these crosses as a Young lad spending summers in crief with my uncle, were very handy dogs tho I was too young too appreciate them fully I do know the guys that owned them done there fair share an rated them dogs
  15. I love the idea of some hillbilly getting up off his rocking chair an out drawing hogzilla with a 38
  16. Much is it for the trainer to help you out a bit mate? Just bein nosey, an will you have him help you with ye programme or just ye diet? Don’t know if I’d like it or not having somebody there telling me what to do
  17. In fairness I think c green has or it bang on with his assessment of most the forum members don’t agree with lurcher lad tho, I’d rather not walk out with a peddler or a liar
  18. Netflix is the easiest way but you obviously need to pay for Netflix, then just download whilst on web an then watch without
  19. No mate no finger test, what is it anyways? Hope it’s nowt bad I’ll work on the whole thing an try an fill that wee space at a later date then
  20. W. Katchum


    Only when the wife’s in
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