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  1. Aye one my lads has got the switch, fcuking lifesaver on long car journeys
  2. Have a look at some mate, even if it’s jist to see graphics an effects, they as good as movies these days, I can remember the first ones, old Atari console, then the computer versions the old commador an spectrum haha them came Nintendo an sega an they were great till Sony come into market an blew them all away an since then they have all advanced to 60 quid games trust adults will sit in front of that long they pish Im bottles an that an buy seats an ear phones that Cos more than a cheap motor I got couple brothers an brothers in law an that, that are mad for em it’s mental
  3. We was kids back then mate, an aye some adults play video games it’s a huge business, prob bigger than the kids video game market I imagie, never saw point meself after I turned 12/13 an found boobs an fanny but game they talkin about was 90s
  4. Man up, few wasps ffs id pay meself an get it done quicker, our local council can’t even employ decent bin men so can’t imagine what there pesties be like
  5. Stranraer is a shit place to get toFrom my house to there an there back to my house after the journey are the worst2 drives of my life it’s torture mate, but a needs a must an all that
  6. Done it loads time’s, no luck needed
  7. Bolster chisel an a wee heavy hammer will sort em, mind your hands
  8. Jackdaws it is up here, crows aswell but fcuk the poor jackdaws are crawling with them
  9. At very least it drive em batty till they either die or flies leave em alone, is it a bad year for them? Iv saw more this summer than in me whole life
  10. Then ask council or get some plastic sheeting an bags an wrap them up individual mate an tape them up tight, then they can go in bags, they bags are big an used to be able to put a bag on each end an tape on middle if that makes sense, if they never fitted in single bag, better it’s wrapped tho the better
  11. Pva an water makes all diff
  12. You’ll find one now within a month, watch an see
  13. What part country do you call em keds mate?
  14. Some breeder don’t even know the called hobs an jills
  15. Thank fcuk I’m not only one that get heebie jeebie, way them
  16. The reason o posted is I found a young owl last night an after handling it me an me lad both had flat flies on us, mentioned it to a mate an he reckoned that’s what annoyed the owl into banging about in building, an once they come onto is owl was cool to go again, makes sense an I googled it a bit as I know the deffo on corvids an deer an a swift we found on floor few weeks ago. But seems they do like tawnys aswell, so maybe that’s answer to the young tawny last night
  17. Deff last 24 hours of left alone, mate killed one at brekkie table after days shooting a while back run across his forehead an he freaked out said it’d been on him all night in bed nowt much phases me these days but ticks an flat flies kill me
  18. It’s incase it’s spilled during transit mate an the landfill site is already gonna he contaminated so why care about it? Funny ole world eh
  19. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippoboscidae mostly found up this way on certain mammals like sheep an deer, an found on a lot of birds, especially jackdaws, crows, swifts an owls that iv found so far. they look like a fly but run around your body, an when flicked off come straight back as tho they attached by elastic when they reach maybe 6 inch off you, as name says they can go flat so you can’t squash them unless you are brutal an brutal you best be Cos they annoy the fcuking life out ye fcuk off come on, surely I ain’t only one that spends some time in countryside
  20. I’d work a sharp chisel in an give it a whack with a mallet an chop the heads off em an try taking it out as whole as possible, but that’s just me
  21. What is it? Blue flock or brown or what? Will need double bagged in registered bags an taped up before took away properly, needs transported in a lockable box an took to a registered tip. I done it for years when I left school an it was great money an easy work but a pure pain in arse, if your gonna soak it rusty mix In some pva glue with the water an spray through a pump hose bottle, it’s only bad when air borne an even at that it takes a lot a exposure to do damage I believe. I got older relatives and mates that spent a lot time in working areas without masks an smoking an stuff years back before H&S went nuts an they all okay, though the older generation again( grandads age ish) got the worst of it. Pm me of you need any more info
  22. Get to know your dog an your land before other folk mate, folk will just end up a distraction truth be told. An you will learn more from dog an dog from you than anybody else, just get it out REGULAR, an let the dog see the wabbit
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