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  1. That’s honestly the closest o can describe it I done it for a year then thought, I don’t think it’s gets any better an gave up. Nice way to spend a day or 2 chilling but In all honesty I’d rather fish for smaller Carp an get more Runs or get serious an do the tench
  2. Imagine reeling in a Tesco bag
  3. I’ll dig em out later mate, promise
  4. Getting optimum conditions ain’t easy even with a light
  5. He shouldn’t be a member anymore, have a fcuking listen to yaself
  6. An for record I ain’t defending anybody before anybody starts, I tho max is as full a shite as rest a yous
  7. Read back, his wife was mentioned first, an yours wasn’t, so why are you wanna call in a mod by name you lil snake Asking for somebody to be banned, you sound like my kids ffs
  8. Fcuk this id rather go an do some work feeling like shite than read this pish
  9. Loads local lads an a few mates all raves about it, dmt this, dmt that, it’s gonna change me life an fair doo’s for a few weeks a few a them had seriously tried to make a difference, now they all the same ole lads again, out getting wrecked all time an don’t even look at dmt can’t be that good
  10. A fact why I don’t ever keep stock birds to breed my own pigeons, lots folk keep birds that only ever see the sky through a window, breed off em an fly the young, i was told as a kid that in order to feed flyers, breed happy healthy birds, they must all fly high
  11. An I imagine the zoo exhibit for her wouldnt have been that big mate, or that healthy an environment, so that prob stopped her gaining it again, I imagine them fish moved these days are usually moved into somewhere bigger, better food an moved with there own health in mind whereas back then that carp was most prob moved for our selfish needs
  12. Shit mate, only crawled out me bed about an hour ago just achey all over now
  13. I don’t think many animals caught in wild do well in captivity, could be wrong tho, just can’t see any other reason
  14. This thread cheered me right up. Don’t stop yet ffs you on lock down max? Or still at work?
  15. I gonna finish u here an go bed, phoned missus an evicted her out room, see how I am tomorrow Even me poor dog is goosed
  16. Hot an fcuked, but feel meself getting iller an no energy whatsoever, lil bit sore throat but deffo feel summat coming
  17. I seriously thinking a callin somebody in to finish, never even thought about that before tbh
  18. I jus need to go home an get in bed
  19. I’m at work an starting to feel ill as fcuk again
  20. When I say lord, I mean the panic buying wife
  21. Birds eye burgers am farm foods value sausages here Ted I’m just grateful the lord has filled me freezer
  22. Might throw some birds eye burgers on the bbq tomorrow if weather plays ball then wings look good
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