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  1.  Iv said it before in here an I’ll say it again an again if needs be, I learnt at 6 year ole when my ole man dropped dead at 28 whilst working that life ain’t forever, sure money makes it a bit easier an if you ain’t got none then it does seem like the end of the world, best thing i ever did was get out the rat race, constantly trying to earn more, swapping job for job, none of which I liked or wanted. Got to a point I started thinking I was just lazy,  unhappy or what ever, but was sure it was my own fault, me missus sat me down an put me right at one point, made me remember the important things in life, so I quit me job, applied for a couple a jobs I thought id like but had no clue about ( god loves a trier right? ) a couple a knock backs an I met a farmer who took a chance on me, best thing I ever done, was on a serious pay drop to start with an wife ended up going back to work, slowly but surely after doing few courses an grafting like a fcuker I worked me way up, now on decent pay an honestly never once thought about pulling a sicky or quitting or nowt, loads a time with me kids which is all I wanted at the start, but now I’m seriously happy, the job I got means I’ll never get rich, but for now, who cares, I pay the bills, got some extra to treat me kids, making loads a memories with them, Cos truth being told. Even at 6 I knew I’d rather have had more memories of me ole man than the poxy insurance settlement my ma got ☹️


    Do wat will make your kids happy mate, Cos if they are happy you an the wife won’t be far behind them, they are the only thing that really matters👍

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  2. 1 minute ago, billhardy said:


    And here's you scowling shit about dingos ya poor pitiful creature socks fecking idiot I've seen more done than you Eva will still. Am. Next time ya up Stoke socks give us a bell the canal side hust where you gett  wit for it we can gave a straightener lol atb bill

    You need a new chauffeur if he don’t know way to socks house either 😁

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  3. Just now, Nicepix said:

    I had a springer who used to accompany me when mole-trapping around the farm where we used to live. Without any training she quickly picked up the habit of running ahead to check the trap sites and would indicate traps with moles in them. She also used to find traps that foxes or badgers had dug out and abandoned nearby.



    Now we have a small Fox Terrier x JRT that we got from the local refuge. She comes with me on Mole patrol and has also started to check the traps and indicate any with moles in them. Last week while i was tidying up a Putange site where a trap had been dug up and taken I noticed her standing , looking back at me from about 20 yards up the path. She had found the missing trap all by herself. A lot of the customers have taken to her and look forward to seeing her. Good for business. :thumbs:



    As you can can see; mole trapping is tiring work!

    Young kelpiex here is only 13 weeks or so old an already knows to run ahead an check the drop boxes an odd mole trap, has already started marking rabbit earths aswell, which I put down to havin her round the drop boxes,

    my 2 apprentices 😁0E5CC7A6-997D-408E-BD24-E199455CC7B0.jpeg.d65363984c498ed0bee02d5edd8d5630.jpeg

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  4. 1 minute ago, socks said:

    Bill you should be pitied ... you are the type of guy that hasn’t done enough in his life to allow himself to grow old gracefully and you crave the attention of others to make yourself feel worthwhile .... your the type of guy that people shy away from in a pub because you just talk pure piss and when people don’t agree you will start to argue With them. Your on here trying to be the big man when in reality your a silly old fool that makes himself look more and more ridiculous every day. I actually feel sorry for you ......

    In a nutshell 👍

  5. 1 minute ago, billhardy said:

    Crack head katchum what Eva Region ya in it won'tt  leave ya ha atb bill

    Won’t leave ye daft ole cnut, ye forgetting I just drove to Ireland to collect a pup, no chauffeur, no order for the man to come here haha I went there, an have travelled more of this country than your legs will have ever carried you in 10 lifetimes 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Just now, billhardy said:

    Ha giro what are they ya got me down has an old timer ha  silly boy aren't you  crack head atb bill

    You really don’t wanna know what o got you down as bull😉 what I will tell ye tho is ye know nowt 😁 except where I am am still refuse to come see me, but expect me to jump on your command like your well trained police dog 😁😂

  7. Just now, billhardy said:

    Whyy don't ya get a Co pilot get your ad use down here  crack head katchum crack pipe smoker atb bill 

    Or why don’t you come here if you that insistant you wanna meet me🤔  can even wait till ye get ye giro if you want😁 Na you won’t move off your comfy pish ridden chair😁

  8. 2 minutes ago, billhardy said:

    Your a dick to even engage such a fe King post about Di go xes the fecking knowledge of them has been around fa two de Adès nigh on there's generation bred cattle dog greys in the country andd they need ta be watched can be funny to other cani es need ta be watched with temps ya got a fe King kelpie xs and yas want ta go back T thd beginning. Old ground fella ya playing katch up with  katchum old ground times be walking  don't ya thing it's been done ya like a kid with his Nintendo who thinks he got one. Pair of fecking headless chickens pair off you now jog ya idiot fa fecks sake ill tell mostly what ta expect with that kelpie xs with out introduction YeH me him who knows feck all lol atb bill

    Show me where I mentioned a dingo x you havering ole fool 😂

  9. 1 minute ago, king said:

    Katchum has messaged me 3 times asking for 1.

    He said the suit will keep him warm working nights on the old Yorkshire moors.

    It can get quite chilly he said 

    I already got 1, an only wear me mankini under it an still toasty 

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  10. Just now, billhardy said:

    Any natural creature likes of wild dog needs to be ta be bred time over with other breed types  fa many generations based mainly on temperament the ausies did they got the cattle dog socks ya Di k head and katchum both of ya got carried away with ausie th ing whilst both owning a kelpie xs grey pair a dick heads numpties even go has far has say idiots lol lol lol atb bill

    So shall I take the shrimps off the barby 😁😂

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  11. Just now, king said:

    You though that was a serious question didn't you 😂😂

    It is ain’t it, my dogs use find my iPhone, don’t everybodys😂 


    wonder if bills dogs phone the plod when they find somebody’s stash while going back for bill’s phone 🤔

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