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  1. 12 minutes ago, jigsaw said:

    the big cheesy grin says it all,keep up the good work young man 

    He is still buzzing mate, lad who a year older couldn’t care less An went a wander to explore an ole ruined house 😂5CD11178-7886-4ADD-8718-21F3CA91F6AE.jpeg.33dfc8db0287cb441769bc1aace83ac4.jpeg

    how bored is he in back ground 🤣

  2. Just now, shaaark said:

    Good point right there 👍

     I think giving somebody( usually a good mate) the relief a knowing the dog is in the right home an no matter what comes up the dog will always be treated right them surely that’s better than slipping a guy a score note 😂 I get what ye saying tho but there guys who need there mates to run on dog to further there line, or just give em peace a mind. I’d never take a pup without atleast offering meat for them as they grow, wormers an anything else that’s been out into breeding em. An if it’s a stranger then aye can slip the guy a drink or pay his prices



    fcuking massive difference in getting a pup free/cheap Cos the breeder knows it’s best thing for the pup or line. An folk just  begging or expecting free/cheap pups 👍

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  3. I got 3 lads, eldest been out since he could walk, now he a teen he just does his own thing with the dogs an ferrets an stuff, next lad after me daughter no interest really, an that leaves me youngest, just turned 4 An is dog ferret an gun mad. Got him a new training shotgun for his birthday an he been on me case since to get out😂 bit early in season tbh but day off so asked what they wanted to do. Youngest already had his gun in hand an asked if he could try Steve, his new jill kitt, kitt never been out an neither had he so it was an experience for them both, couple An misfires with his wee gun 😂 but getting the safety side, few rabbits bolted to the net, Young Steve did very well am switched on straight away an bolted first rabbit if day an followed it right into net😁 ( cheers whwt 😉

    the wee man is over moon, got to get out with his gun an kitt an caught his first ever rabbit 👍 I got a new apprentice for next few years anyways 😎053D7D87-408F-444C-BF4C-C825B127E713.jpeg.430e955896a4515ec9a0438762895504.jpeg242DF953-5D87-4A10-AD33-8AF28F071329.jpeg.b1db53d0a85ae0e2c7b1f459ac5a840e.jpegproud as punch 😂

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  4. 2 hours ago, two crows said:

    I am afraid I am going to have to stop reading threads about dog values, cos I cant get my head round how little people value a sporting companion that you could be working for 7 or 8 years, my old spaniel is 11years old and has done 10 seasons and I mean seasons not just coming along, a cocker back then was 4 or 5 hundred that's £50 a year and a lurcher is no les valuable.

    Why do we need to pay a grand to show we appreciate the dog. Ain’t feeding it walking it grafting it an paying its vets bills enough? Or fact Iv never passed on a dog before in me life, how about the fact Iv paid for every dog I ever had bar a couple an paid anywhere between 60 to 400 for the pups Iv had after using transporter or travelling the country to get em,

    iv jis booker a pup, didn’t even ask the price or ferry ticket price never mind the fuel to drive the length of England an Ireland to collect it mate.


    so with all them facts, surely I’m allowed to moan that some daft fcuker thinks a beddy grey pup is worth 650 😂


    cos ye paid a lot for a dog don’t mean shite, out local blue cross rescue is full a designer dogs that deffo wasn’t cheap👍

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  5. 16 minutes ago, Phil Lloyd said:

    🤔 Whenever I plan for a litter, I consider two things. 

    Firstly,...I make sure that I've located enough good men, to gift a pup too, and, secondly, I start stocking-up, on Lactol and raw meat.

     Pups need placing in their new homes, as soon as possible,..so in actual fact, you only really have to feed them, for a few weeks...

    It ain't really a costly business...😉



    Is if you need to take time off work too see to em phil, wormers, heat lamps an stuff. Iv bred two litters an never charged a penny for any pups but I do know for sure I’d a been cheaper buying a pup in, less hassle an all. That’s if ye can truest breeder to have done his job👍


    Im all for gifting pups an stuff but if somebody is breeding summat I want an I don’t wanna breed me own, then Iv no hassle paying the guy unless ya mad money, however i stand by the fact that I’d never sell a dog, that’s my choice tho 😉

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  6. Just now, jetro said:

    Not what I imagined when you said caravan, that more like a house lol.

    Atb j 

    They quiet nice mate, more than enough for a few days as base, we usually do a bit a wandering an drivkng an explore the local areas, an like I say just use the caravan as base, this is in a decent site for kids an that, sure ye can buy a band a use all rides, loads a beaches an a real nice part of country, like I said it’s 2 bedrooms an sleeps 2 adults an 4 kids I’m sure as that what we booked haha 


    things have jist turned upside down here for a bit so now I’ll down the other end a country at this time, so rather than haven get to sell it again or it sit empty, I’d rather some cnut off here( even the ones they don’t like me 🤣☹️🖕😉) gets use of it, an if some kids gets to enjoy it then that’s when better👍

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