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  1. Cracking day pal, that’s us just in wee man slept all way home an dogs never made a peep
  2. had more than 2 at a time as well ,
  3. https://www.industrial-equipment.co.uk/online-tools-store/r096-6203-indirect-space-heater-info.html Use some your millions to treat yaself. Like you say it's not 30s anymore haha we use these at work to stop machinery freezing when it gets a tad cold
  4. fcuk sake ken. You can't kill him for being a poof
  5. Some manky b*****ds on this thread
  6. Doubt it, what’s chances a corona virus surviving after being run into the north sea corona for more sense than to try that shit or visit that place
  7. As if it’s his first time aswell
  8. Only made the news Cos there’s prob summat way more sinister goin on they don’t want us to know about
  9. Corona virus sounds gay, if I get it I want folk to know I died of Kung flu
  10. Iv got the Scottie ready, she rearing to go
  11. Can’t wait till sat, hope the weathers on our side mate
  12. Jambalaya do me a favour an go shoot yaself or summat, your an instigating lil cnut of a man, don’t know bout our dogs but you’d get slapped at a game fair here
  13. You know nowt, not all dogs are kept on leads an many are let off to find there own dig you absolute walloper now fcuk off, Cos you knowt of over here an even your own country men think your a wrong un
  14. You make a shitty man you orrible Lil bitch, from where I’m sat your the instigator here that can’t keep her mouth shut. You’d be first on my list to ban
  15. Was a couple over here already. English bull, Airedale an jagd in em the guy told us, used as knock about dogs that love to hunt, I’ll ask me pal if the guy still got em, was about 7 or 8 year ago we saw them tho, lovely lookin things an listen a lot more than I’d have thought
  16. Steak bakes actually contain midget shite. Mushroom told me once when he was drunk on the schnapps
  17. Not sure how good that recipe is but it reads about right with the flaky pastry an no veg or maybe a bit onion, I’ll ask me ma an granny but I doubt they will have one as it summat we had as a great am finding the best shop for one was part of the treat going to diff butchers am bakers folk had recommended
  18. W. Katchum


    I don’t care who’s gay an who’s not mate, don’t care what they do, what hole they do it in an who they do it with, but I do care about kids, my kids especially, but I do also believe that all kids should have there best intrests being took care first and foremost an k don’t honestly think a gay relationship is the place for a child to be brought up
  19. Ever made bridies? I don’t cook, won’t cook, can’t cook haha but mum in law is awsome an wife slowly learning, but I miss bridie’s, sure if you used flaky pastry instead a pasty stuff an dropped the spud and shit out then you’d have a bridie ?? I think
  20. W. Katchum


    If anything happened to me I’d rather a pack a wolves raised my kids than a couple a queers, luckily I got very big family who would step in an none are fairy’s
  21. With all tree’s in Nottingham I’v always been surprised there ain’t a notts squirrel hound
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