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  1. http://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/products.asp?cat=Lee+Reloading+Press+Kit ,,,,..,,try there.
  2. Many thanks for that mattybugeye,shines a massive light on my little mystery,cheers
  3. Country file is just about bearable for me,its that nobend chris packham that really winds me up
  4. Yeah ive always used light tackle on the west coast of jockland,the only time ide go heavy is if theres reed that you needa pull through,in wjich case ide lead the trace of feathers with a nice big bubble float,works a treat
  5. Says file to large,cant crop it down any more,any help please chaps,thanks.
  6. Come on folks ,there must be someone can help a man here?,youd be welcome on my permission s bud however bit of a hike lol!
  7. Avalon are doing a nice lee kit just now for a ton bud,all youl need on top is dies,good buy
  8. Welcome buddy,and remember if you ask a question youl only feel stupid a while,if you dont ask youl be stupid all your life ,so ask away bud.
  9. Goodluck with it dan,mind mark our card on your results bud.
  10. .22 for vermin in my opinion bud,once you dial in on the drop,you do need the extra clout on live beasties, the 177 will shoot flatter and will be affected by wind more,however in my experiance it dont drop airgun size qaurry like a 22 will,and ive used both.or the 20 will give you a little bit of the good in both callibres,hope this helps.
  11. I use a cz527 in .223 [BANNED TEXT], tack driver,not the prettiest, but its a tool and does it bloody well,i feed it norma 50 grain v max,slaps them down a treat
  12. Ive got one too,and mines sounds likes sooty having a w**k????
  13. Maybe an old post, however is thiss still available bud?
  14. Howdo all,ive recently came across a "kodak retinette IB" made in germany,,which i think my old man had in singapore when in the fleet air arm,it looks well made with all sorts of buttons and camary stuff,,"yes im clueless about cameras"!,any info would be appreciated as ill probablly sell it on to someone who appreciate, s such things,thanks for any info in advance.
  15. May i ask tiffany as to why colour coding would make things safer?,cheers.
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