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    Out and about always got my partners in fun at my side,
    Interests at moment is finding a fell man breeder. With brightmores lines.I got my fell up here in Scotland just over 3 years ago last November. I always meant to go back but as I work on fishing boats and commercial diving, well this is the first time I'm off and time to line
  1. Looking for fell breeder who did (b,brightmore fells/bloodline. SW Scotland area's??
  2. I just tried to log in on mobile rather than where I had page opened which was on tablet, so I think I'm OK?
  3. Hey all hope everyone is in new year mood! scotlandscotland,likes all outdoor activities. Main interest, my lurchers and yes fells I have Jackrussel aswel.all get on great. I'm on here again after 4 years/for help finding someone a fellman?breeder.
  4. Rodger that I'm a bit more north mind you.best say hi,how do all?been a while since saw this site.I'm into my lurchers&obviously bbfells.
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