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  1. Dyl003

    Mud Tyre's Or All Terran Tyres

    I have the BFG muds and they are fantastic off road, just not great on road!. Ok, they are not noisy, just poor fuel consumption and vehicle now slower. Before this I ran General Grabber AT2s which were fantastic on road and good off road, just not great in mud!
  2. Decided on a Beretta Silver Pigeon 20 bore for my first shotgun. Tried it out and was very pleased with it and If feels great quality. Once I get it I am also going straight for a fit.
  3. I'm looking to buy a shotgun for shooting game and wondered if anyone could recommend a good gun. I was looking at a Beretta Ultralight which was around £1700, but I've decided it's probably wise to buy something much cheaper to make sure I enjoy using a shotgun before investing too much. If I really do get into it then I can buy a better gun soon and I also have a spare! You think this is a decent idea? I would preferably like something that is pretty light, as compact as possible and that is of decent quality. Any recommendations on a gun to start out with?
  4. Currently filling in my FAC application. I want rifles for vermin control on my permissions. I am requesting 22lr for definite. I was going to request 17hmr also but as I would like a rifle that is capable of taking foxes, should a farmer request this, then I was advised a 17 Hornet. What do people think, is this a good choice?
  5. Dyl003

    Newbie Advice

    I want to do some night time rabbit shooting and wondered what type of night vision kit I would need. Is a scope mounted torch enough, something like a Night Master 800 or do you need something like the Nite Site NS200, or do you need both? I tried last night with a head torch and that just doesn't cut it
  6. Two days after sending out my first permission is in the bag I posted them on Wednesday and Thursday morning a local farmer called and said I could shoot on his land whenever I wanted. Popped up to see him today, met his family and he drove me around his farm showing the boundaries. It's not massive, 100 acres and it is split into 4 sections but it's a great start and the old boy (81) is so nice and friendly. Again, thanks for the forms and hopefully I may hear from one or two others also.
  7. I'm just starting in the hunting game and really want to know the best way of opening, gutting and skinning my rabbits. Are there any good sources of video/guidance anywhere? Firstly should I be opening the rabbits up and removing the insides as I go along before popping in the game bag? Do I need to get rid of any crap from the bowels? My wife tells me she used to tie the rabbits legs together, hang on a hook, cut around the back legs and peel the skin off. Now I'm sure this may work but what is the best method of preparing ready to eat?
  8. Thanks for this. Made a couple of amendments and posted 50 out today. Decided to take a few hours out and get them done. Now I need to send out a few positive vibes and wait One thing I did add is that I would be happy to collect the signed permission form in person, as well as the option to post or email. Thought it could be a good chance to meet and take some of the hassle away for the land owner.
  9. I recently had the same dilemma, back after a 20 year lay off. I did a little reading and it seemed .177 seemed the calibre of choice more than .22 so that's what I went for. I'm just pleased with my choice of gun and PCP after shooting only sprinters in the past!
  10. Dyl003

    Bsa Ultra Se Qr Bi-Pod?

    I'm just looking at the moment for a bipod for my Ultra SE. Do they not fit under the swivel fitting for the sling?
  11. Dyl003

    Hunting Using A Bi-Pod?

    Do you think this one is suitable? I would like good quality and lighter the better. http://www.uttings.co.uk/p103129-harris-model-s-l-bipod-9-13-inches-swivel-base-hb1126-s-l/#.U_uq2GK9KSN
  12. Was wondering how useful people find bi-pods when hunting rabbits. I've never tried one but I'm considering getting one. I don't generally shoot prone but think with a bi-pod it could make a great solid base to shoot from. Would be interested to know your thoughts. If using a bi-pod, can it easily be taken off? Any suggestions for a good quality one, lighter the better and height?
  13. Hi all, Recently got my shotgun license and about to treat myself to a new Beretta Ultralight, but mainly back into air rifle hunting after a 20 year break! Using a BSA Ultra SE Tactical which I absolutely love. I'm based in Royston in North Hertfordshire.