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  1. Wheat

    Roe Doe And Red Hind Stalking - Perthshire

    Hi, Are you doing the same this winter? Regards
  2. Wheat

    Dog Injuries

    Northerlight, could you please send me a link to the mag box you are getting? Or anybody else with any suggestions. Pups knocked it's toe and can't shake it off, really keen to try a mag box.
  3. Wheat

    Wooden Larsen Trap.

    Roughly where would it be to collect from?
  4. Wheat

    Heating A Kennel

    Do you think the dogs breed (and as such, amount of body fat) makes a difference? Ie. my skinny lurchers carry no fat in winter and have average thickness coats. Where as a lab or a springer etc might be better at keeping themselves warm?
  5. Wheat

    Heating A Kennel

    I never thought of that. The pup especially would love to chew and swallow some PVC. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Wheat

    Heating A Kennel

    Thanks for the advice guys. The kennel run is about 6x6foot and then the insulated box bed at the back is about 5x3. At a rough guess. And then a day bed above that. Its very damp proof and the sides fold up to stop the draft. The floor is raised off the ground and the bed section is raised again. I think I'll get a PVC plastic curtain for the entrance into the bed bit and maybe some kingspan underneath the bed section. And also I'll make sure all gaps are blocked from draft.
  7. Wheat

    Heating A Kennel

    First of all, this isn't about gun dogs but lurchers. But it is more a question of dog care, breed regardless. I've posted it here as this section of the forum seems to have more discussion about dog care that the lurcher forum. Well the nights seem to be getting colder and so it's time to ask a question I've been pondering for a while.. A bit of back ground first. I've had dogs since I was a kid but they have always been pets and in the house. Got my first lurcher 4 years ago and have loved every minute since. Built him a really posh kennel, but didn't bother heating it as he was to sleep inside at night. Got my self another pup last Christmas and he's turning into a great dog as well. Despite the kennel having two beds and runs they both love being in the same one and its pleanty big enough. So they share. They now sleep out at night as they love doing so. Don't know why but they would choose the kennel over sleeping in the house. So I've no experience of dogs sleeping outside when the temperature is near freezing as it will be in a month or so. Should I heat the kennel or will they provide enough heat for themselves? The actual bed box is fully insulated and they both snuggle up in there. Will that be enough? Any advice welcome. Also if you do think I need to heat it, how should it be heated? Its an all wooden kennel. I was thinking about linning all the wooden wall sections with kingspan.