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  1. Steve Corcoran

    Hunt badges

    Wanted hunt badges foxhounds,beagles,bassets,mink and otterhound packs.
  2. Steve Corcoran


    Beagles now hunt a drag and have done since the hunting ban.
  3. Steve Corcoran

    Per Ardua Beagles

    Big ask but as anyone on here any photos of the per Ardua beagles from late '60's to start of the '80's.
  4. Steve Corcoran

    Latest Fox Wall Mount

    That is superb taxidermy,love the authentic background would look well on my wall!!!!!
  5. Steve Corcoran

    Hare Mask

    Good work mate,best hares I've seen are by fenland taxidermy
  6. Steve Corcoran


    Cheers lad,my dad was from Westport,County Mayo.
  7. Steve Corcoran


    Hello troops,I've been a hunting man all my life,started by following the per ardua beagles as a young boy,been a foot follower of many foxhound packs particularly the Belvoir,also days with the fell packs.lve run whippets and lurchers and a fair bit of ferreting.kept border and small hunt type terriers for digging charlie back in the day.I'm now in heart failure so no dogs just a pet shih tzu,still love this way of life.just been and ordered a John Lennon saluki for my great nephew so still trying to keep the lifestyle,a god season to all who read this.Keep on hunting lads.