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  1. Nikko stirling platinum nighteaters 3-12x56 euro hunters. Bought them put them on the gun but not fussed on the no4 cross , 30mm tube ,illuminated cross , boxed and Including a set of high mounts. I paid £175 last week sell for £130 posted.
  2. Night night lol, ok pal cheers sleep well , I'll have a look now.
  3. Have a virtually new air arms s200 moderator for mk2 and 3 , I've put carbon wrap on it to protect it from chips but it comes off easy. Out it on my gun when bought the had the adapter delivered and prefer my custom ones. Let's say £30 posted.
  4. Got an air arms prosport in .22 , redone beech stock , welsh willy tuning kit , bisley adjustable butt plate fitted and Rowan trigger guard. Very smooth and fire at 11.7 with diablos, magnums don't shoot well as they are tight.... Looking to swap for a yukon phono nv scope,
  5. I'm located in neath South Wales Air arms prosport .22 it looks like it's had a refurbished stock I've been informed it's beech redone but not sure, it doesn't have fish scale pattern , it has a very shiny polished finish so has been done professionally it's not oil , it has a welsh willy kit fitted , I've opened it up and checked and can confirm there's a white derelin top hat guide and spacers. shoots a lovely 11.7 with diablos. Blue has been touched up but is very good for it's age. Has two small marks on the barrel I've reblued over the top but they are still there.
  6. Few more pics , for some reason I can only upload 3 a post on this tapatalk.
  7. Few more pics , for some reason I can only upload 3 a post on this tapatalk.
  8. I know it's a right bugger, but upwards and onwards , I'll go back tha. Stealth one day as I love a gun that needs work. But I'm going to get a life long dream gun for now. Still need to save and sell lol.
  9. Got some parts for a stealth standard and custom Full wooden grip replacement , fore grip , handle , and butt rest , needs to be fixed to the old butt plate, grips are supplied with fixing screws but may need tweaking £30 posted Uprated spring with guides and 4 spacers £10 posted Hawke 6-24x50 ao brand new up on gun then removed as I prefer a side parallax cost me £90 last week £75 posted .22 original stealth barrel , and locking spacers no grubs screws £35 posted Original hammer slide from the stealth £12 posted
  10. Anyone , awesome build at a really low price , need funds for a new gun.
  11. I've relisted this as I'm now saving for an air wolf and won't be using this for a while so can build another one slowly. So I have a watec wat-308a camera , black and white with a 16mm focus able ir lens , it also has auto iris capabilities , seperate purchase needed. And shutter control. Ir source is an ir builds t20 zoomable Lithium 6800mah blue battery that comes with a neoprene holder 4.3" monitor Two batteries for ir source both 5300 mah Chargers for ir batteries and main battery and uk adapter, Picitanny rail for 30mm and 25mm reducers , and the monitor a
  12. Paul I have a watec camera set up for sale. I will advertise it in here now.
  13. Final price drop £250 bare bones no scope or bipod. I need this gone for next project.
  14. I have an original gunpower storm, not a long barrelled stealth, it's in .177 Shoots ok I've tweaked an polished it and it's shooting 11.1 with bisley magnums , suits my shooting.. Comes with a carbon wrapped moderator , not sure of make think it's a logun one, and a set of walther 3-9x40 s with ir. Two minor issues the neoprene cover on the cocking bolt has the top cut off, and the safety is has been removed, not by me unfortunately and I was going to source a replacement but just never got around to it. Easy to fit when sourced.. I'll also thrown in a few tins of umarex
  15. I have a mattyw one designed for the tx 200 , it's got a .177 bitches sticker on the front and it will need the back to back unf adapter.. Not sure if I allowed to use the classifieds yet though?
  16. Combros are a pain. Mine was new and I got inconsistent readings , a combination of a stealth gun and a combro wasn't working readings from 8ft lb - 17ft lb. I bought an f1 and nice and smooth 11.1 ftlb with bisley magnums in .22 at 21.4 grains. Check that your combro hasn't taken a clip from a pellet and check the batteries , I found out after that mine had both , bad batteries and a small crack , it now seems to run fine. I think a change or a little leniency in the law needs sorting , if someone's gun is confiscated and shoots something like 12.3 it's not done on purpose clearly
  17. Cheers. Liking it already as there seems to be a good head of carp anglers on here
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