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  1. I'm not sure about the later models , but as standard with no work done to them, they are considered one of the most unreliable guns around, everything magnum mike has said is not just a ham fisted guy it's a regular thing, pellets jamming , mags not cycling properly , bolts sticking and mags dropping out in the field never to be found again. There is a customiser called the logunator who could sort out 90% of these problems but it'll cost ... As Nathan said they are cheap compared to a daystate but there's also plenty out there at the same price with less reliability issues.
  2. I agreeing with the majority of what's already been said , I've got a stealth in .22 that I'll use for night vision ratting, and at to he moment a storm for field and hide day work , but I'm hoping to change the storm for a multi shot soon but it will be a .177. Some say a .20 is the best of both worlds I've never tried it but wouldn't turn my nose up to it.
  3. I was mate yes. To be honest I don't bother with carp forums or any type of forums but I thought I'd give this one a chance. I use to run carp and co as well. But I think that's been closed down now.
  4. I agree with flipper al. I've looked into myself a few times , ten years ago and more it would have been a money saver. But these days Everyman and his dog owns a bait company that can do you a £6 a kilo deal with fairly good quality ingredients, I think the only time it would be worth making your own these days is if your fishing a rock hard water and needed something special to get an edge. But then I think you really need to know baits before you do that and it wouldn't be cheap.
  5. Hello guys I'm Jon living in neath South Wales been shooting airguns and carp angling for years on and off. Looking for a decent forum with out loopy rules and a friendly attitude.. Presently own a gunpower storm and stealth in the process of changing the storm for an r10.
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