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  1. Get in BJS!! Local boy and family friend. As for Fury I think he gives Klitchko problems he's not faced for while. He always fights smaller opponents that he can keep on the end of his jab all day. He can't do that with Fury. Tyson also will try and ruff him up, something nobody has done ever. Fury may fail but he'll get closer than anybody to beating him in the last ten years.
  2. Worst fog in years! Back from boxing well done Billy Joe Saunders

    1. Cushty mush

      Cushty mush

      he kicked arse I watched that last night now im dieing with a hang over

  3. Sweet cheers lads. I've come to my senses. I just like to experiment now and then but think ill try something less drastic.
  4. Sorry forgot to add the diabolo monster
  5. Anybody tried these in .177? They are aprox 13.4 grains so deffo heavy boys. Thinking of giving them a whirl but if anybody has any input against it, you could save me a tenner. Thanks
  6. Anybody got a Hoblet for sale Herts area?

  7. People will nick owt they can..scumbags nicking animals, to hacky lazy to put any work in themselves so steal others. I've never had any took (touch wood) if I did catch anybody in my garden I'd injure them. Sorry to hear you been robbed mate.
  8. Any Ferrets in the Herts area. Don't mind paying my way. :-)
  9. I must had. I mentioned putting an edge on it. The knife came already sharp enough for purpose. don't want to mislead people into thinking It's not sharp. It is. I just like messing about with some stones I got given and making it super sharp. Great knife thanks!!
  10. So glad you got back to me!! Nice one. That's one silly idea put to bed :-)
  11. Received the knife thus morning. It's stunning to look at and very well made. Just needs a sharp edge on it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND RIODOG. I will be having more knives for sure. Thanks matey
  12. Did you end up buying one? I fancy a cheapy for plinking and short range pigeons.
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