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  1. Aaaaaah yes the Plummer, Im not 20 anymore but nice dogs. Reminds me of mine I had she was almost pure original, er plummer that is. (:
  2. Ah thats maybe one inch or two taller than I wanted. Actually never had a plummer terrier so not sure what to expect there. Is this the same as some of the little black and tan terriers you see in Ireland? No replies Im afraid. How come is it that I cannot place a thread on classifies in the forum? Sure it gets more exposure? Our area is very rocky and the little short ones do well chasing mongoose and the like. Oh well I tried.
  3. Thanks Dymented. I think I've put the ad in the wrong place, its on the site but not the forum? Not sure if they can read my email address or send PM's? The number I've given is in HK so thats no help. I assumed it was going in the forum classifieds? Also the price I mentioned was 100-250 but instead it says 100? Is there a "probelms with the site" thread anywhere? Are there short legged Plummers?
  4. Hi Im new to the forum. Im not an active hunter as such but extremely interested in all things hunting and particularly working dogs. I find game delicious to eat and wish it was easier to get. When I lived in Brussels it was always a seasonal treat sold at the supermarket but Im not so lucky now. I suppose the closest I've come to a gun was the buck shot I found in a delicious roast duck. I've always kept terriers in some shape or form so I have been involved in hunting by proxy. Introduced to digging dogs by my Sealyhams and ratting by my Jack Russells. The Sealyhams I found a revelation, still hard wired for going to earth, tenacious and with excellent nose. Able to silently flush a pheasant in minutes of entering thicket and scare the pants off a fox in it's chamber. Very few will believe me now, though. The biggest revelation was a lithe light boned small game bred terrier bitch I had called Lilly. I found her while netting guppies in old abandoned rice fields with my young nephew. We came across dogs living near by the water ways which were incredibly beautiful, balanced, athletic and friendly. I was hooked and had to have one as I hadn't found a dog yet since moving. Living a sheltered life I had no idea what they were. I assumed some sort of hardy local breed. I couldn't speak the language so was none the wiser. After a months wait and much visiting and sign language a litter was produced and I was promised first pick. I chose the smallest out of modesty which was also the only spotty dog in the litter a little bitch. Even at four weeks she was difficult to hold running in mid air and itching to get on. That dog delighted me in every way and in killing snakes. Almost one a week sometimes more. She would dance with them get them by the end of the tail and thrash them wildly, skinning them whole. Not ordinary snakes but six, seven foot King cobra, pit vipers, Chinese cobra. She lived for the sport only once ever getting bitten by a bamboo viper. Her head became as swollen as a pumpkin and she almost stopped breathing everyone rallied and she was helped by a good vet. Very week after she was back up and running she got another bamboo viper. Remarkable dog. It was only five months after I got her when I was given some CDs to watch of my dogs mothers brother by the breeder did I realise I had a game fighting Englsih pitbull terrier from champ stock and a banned breed at that. Everyone adored her from a tiny pup and so she was given a passport stating she was a Sharpei cross. To me no more than a rather large Jack Russell and the most wonderful companion I could've ever wanted. Dog fighting itself is not something that agrees with me. She was a terrible watch dog and would lick anyone to death if they came into our garden in the country parks. This I am led to believe is hard wired as they needed to be handled for fights. Biggest draw back was that she was very dog aggressive sadly so I could never have more than one dog. I was always drawn to working dogs naturally from growing up on a farm and because of the poor state of most pedigree show stock...........think that will do actually. I new it was going to be a few sad lines or endless waffle, but most sincerely I love reading about the dogs involved the "breeds". I always wondered what the bull was for in a lurcher and etc.
  5. Three thousand five hundred and sixty one US dollars for a deer? Isn't that a bit expensive. The butcher would be cheaper surely?
  6. This is not a suggestion alI I was wondering was how soon after you've paid for a classified add does it appear? Wondered when I should start looking for results? Regards etc
  7. Yes. Im having a problem finding a jack russell. Everything Parson looks soft and everything mini like it's got something daft going on like chihuahua.
  8. Oh Im so relieved to read this. I joined this site to look for a dog. So Im hoping any responses will not come from commercial dog breeders or sellers, puppy mills and the like. I do have to make five posts first to set my request. This is a good sign to start.
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