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  1. Ive got a gunpower stealth what will give and hw a run for its money and another top end air rifle at that ive got a. 177 a. 22 and a. 25 and can honestly say ill never get rid of them there proper work tools all fitted with 24inch bsa barrels and reflex silencers wont let me upload pics says there too large :-(
  2. As above does anyone use a t20 red torch for lamping? Got the ir but gunna try a red one for sake of it
  3. Whats the n550 like then and is that £800 with a doubler lens pal
  4. Im purchasing a new nv kit next week but dont know what to get been looking at the ward d vision with a nm800 ir. Needs to be a nv kit with no screens ns ect any advice lads? Budgets £1000 very tops
  5. anyone had a .25 fac air rifle? Wondering what there like compared to a .22 aka range, accuracy, pellet curve ect and isit worth getting one? Thanks
  6. Well for a few years now ive seen a few lads using stealths and seen alot of people saying there rubbish ect and ive always thought not worth getting one but my god im so glad I have. I swapped my super ten for a like new 177 stealth after a quick zero yesterday I went out and bagged two rabbits with it one at 35 yard and one at 50 both clinical head shots but overall it just feels so nice to shoot Im really really happy with it and with the mamba 4-16x50 its a proper tool and has arrived at its final home haha id upload pucs put keeps saying too large but if you join the stealth owners group
  7. Thinking of getting the mamba 4-16x50 pal tbh
  8. What's the best scope to use with nightvision add on lads picking one up today up to £200 price range cheers
  9. Shall I put a link up for his website and his hw range?
  10. Ya talk utter nonsense you sausage go crawl back up his arse
  11. You can't seriously put wa**er turner in the same league as Sfs? Ya making ya self loom dumb nah stop commenting nah ya boring me
  12. Phahahaha best shop they've ever been to are you joking? Is a garage not a shop it's a joke I live two mins away but travel to redbeck or Hardys. Plus he's stuck up his own arse the ****
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