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  1. Siphone


    Hi fellow Salopian, and welcome to the forum. Have you thought about doing the rounds on our vast green belt around Telford I'm sure some farmers would welcome getting rid of some vermin. Good luck
  2. Siphone

    Welcome All

    Hi and welcome you'll enjoy the content and range of topics on the forum I'm sure
  3. Siphone

    Stay Away From Morgans Gun Room!!!

    Just read this thread, and to be honest very surprised what I'm reading, I got my first shotgun from them and they couldn't do enough for me great price and also threw in a gun slip and case of cartridges worth £50, granted I went into the shop so no distant selling issues, if someone signed for the item I would think both the buyer and vender should push the courier to investigate, sounds like theft to me. Glad you got your money back anyway.
  4. Siphone

    Hello From Newbie In Shropshire

    Hi I'm in Worthen on the Montgomery rd from Shrewsbury meldion2005, the lessons were at Hiamwood but the disappointing solo shoots where at the Minsterly ranges so yes the Bog smudge don't think I'll be going back in a rush.
  5. Hi Guys, looking for some land in or around the Shropshire / Powys boarder area to bag a few pigeons on please? Safe and reliable gun.
  6. Hi fellow forum members, just a little hello from a newbie to this awesome site, loving the outdoor life and living in the countryside around the Shropshire and Powys boarder I decided to gain my shotgun certificate after a couple of lessons on a local clay range and some solo sessions I'm hoping to gain some permission on local land to try my hand at some pigeons. Any advice on decoys and associated equipment will be greatfully received.
  7. Siphone

    Steel Shot Pigeon Wanted - Shropshire

    Hi Karl, I'm looking for land to shoot pigeons on in Shropshire at the moment and currently chasing a couple of leads. Once I've got some I'm more than happy to use steel shot if your still looking for pigeons for feeding your bird?