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  1. Wanted a days ferreting got all my own gear I live on Anglesey
  2. Wanted days ferreting iv got whippet ferrets they work as well good workers iv got my own nets as will I got everything part from a car to go I live on anglesy north Wales so I'm just asking for next season so if any one round this areaa I would be nice to meat up b 4 next season starts thanks in advance if any one is interested
  3. Good luck Corey happy hunting.atb
  4. They do specially under the first container by the sheds there's a big nest under it you should try it with your smoker ,as far as starting a pup just take it down there for a walk he'll show you when he's ready coz there rats all over the place there go there in the evening when the place is quite iv seen them in the middle of the road there eating card an lobster they have a better dinner than me lol
  5. Corey iv only got my ferrets an whippet now , I go down dock sometimes with the ferrets let them stretch legs
  6. Soz bout the pat lovely game dogs , nice locking bullx you got there ,if you get another terrier get your self a rat trap let him see what the smell is an if the rat in in a cage nips him he'll forget about other dog an just go on the hunt down there ,that what I done with my old patx ,people might have different was but that worked with my dogs down there
  7. How you getting on down dock bach . It good down there some big rats there I used to go there with my old pat x it only at back of my house get couple of hours fun down there an doing the dock guys a fever gating rid of um
  8. hello corey .you will like the site there is some good lads an lasses on here an helpful im from HH
  9. ye iv been thinking of getting that done by xtx they sound st*t hot when they have had that done
  10. im thinking of getting a daystate air ranger ,iv got bsa ultra se for clos up but want some it for longer rang what do you think of the air ranger in 177
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