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    shooting centre fire rifles, bullet casting and reloading.
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  1. For Sale Lyman 245498 84gr single cavity mold £30 posted Lyman 245497 93 gr single cavity mold £30 posted Both molds come with box and instructions, came unopened from States two years ago, i used both molds to cast 200 heads, so they are slightly use if you require pics i will email you one. Please pm me. cheers chris
  2. Hi All, I want a Brno Fox/CZ 527 magazine in .222 cal. Or any parts of one too Please send details if you have one. Thanking you for your help in advance.
  3. Thank you for the Welcome-just looking around the site, lots to look at too.
  4. Just to add a bit more, i like reloading and the countryside, dont do much hunting but have friends who do.
  5. Brattonsound, well made, good hard paint coat and mind has not rusted over the years. Go for one with a seperate ammo store
  6. Well you picked a nice round to reload .223, try cleaning your brass in Baby bath solutions, it works for me in a sonic cleaner.
  7. I use america eagle and winchester in both my .22LR and they shoot fine at 100m or so
  8. HI All, Just to let you know i just joined and it looks a great site. Hope to learn lots and share my knownledge.
  9. hi, if you still have the mags i will buy them.
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