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  1. Yes I agree it does sound that way. I did put the all the facts in my first post but go no replys so I edited the original post to try get some posts :-) Atb
  2. For your information haven't even got my hawk yet. Looking to get one next year! At the moment i am flying with my father in law and his harris hawk. Trying to build some experience and knowledge before I can make the decision whether I'm right for a hh or I could do one justice! Yes we have places to hunt his mhh but its always nice to have as much as possible to keep it fresh. Thought I would just try my luck on here as someone might be able to help out, and maybe I could build a few friends and permissions along the way of my own. I would certainly not even consider getting a hh if I had nowhere to fly/ hunt it at all. That's why I'm trying to build as much as possible before I consider getting my own! ! I also today managed to secure some new permission through knocking on some doors, amazing how nice and helpful and interested some ppl are when u just ask lol. So thanks for that advice ppl. So if u think I'm putting falconry in bad light cc then that's upto you mate. But surely best to know all the facts before judging or voicing an opinion! I know I didn't put all the facts on here but u only had to ask! Anyway atb
  3. Many thanks mate i may well take you up on that offer if i cant get some more permission down my end or a little closer. i really apreicate the offer. ATB Adam
  4. hi charlie caller. yes mate kinda figured that out mate, just thought id try on the off chance. ive had few knock backs, but ill keep trying :-) whereabouts u from mate?
  5. I'm am searching for some permission to fly male harris hawk in essex or suffolk. If anyone can help i would be very grateful. Just pm me if your interested and ill give you my number we can have a chat. Cheers atb :-) I'm based colchester by the way :-)
  6. Welcome mate fairly new myself but some great info on here. Hope you enjoy Atb
  7. Anyone know any good rabbit hunting land around my way?
  8. Hi I'm from colchester, just wondered if anyone from round my way is into hunting with hawks, ferrets etc. looking to get into it properly. So if there's anyone local can give me some advice or maybe I could tag along that would be great! I'm learning with a mates hawk at the mo but he lives a little way from me so it is limited. Atb
  9. Looking for somewhere to fly male harris hawk I'm based colchester essex but Willing to travel for permission So any sort of permission would be highly appricated.If anyone can help that would be great and you can pm me if you don't want to post. All the best and many thanks :-)
  10. Hello fox hole, thank you for your advise I will defo take on board what u are saying. I will look into the bha. Ike I have said before I do have my father in law to advise me a little as he has a harris hawk, and he has kept numerous bop like gos hawks barn owls etc, but I'm sure he doesn't know it all. So I looking for all the advise I can get :-). And I'm currently into my first falconry book , which I can't put down lol. I'm certainly not looking into this lightly or half hearted, And If when I'm finished learning and researching and reading, and some hands on stuff with f inlaws hh etc... I will then hopefully be able to make a more educated decision to wether or not I could a harris hawk justice. So please keep the advice coming ppl many thanks and atb
  11. Ok Thought u guys would say that about falconry lessons lol thought they would be a waste but just asked. On the off chance that they may be any good! I'll give hollinshead a look mate sound interesting. Yes I've got access father in laws harris weekends. And I have been learning the basics so ill keep watching and learning :-). Atb lads thanks for u advice
  12. Right another question, boring i know but just looking for best advice. Does anyone recommend any falconary books or DVDs that that have found useful to them??? Atb also thinking of doing a weeks falconary course. Do ppl think this will be benifcial or not really. Look forward to ur responses :-) cheers
  13. Top Man u r mate u'll be hearing from me :-) I'm defo thinking harris mate if I decide its right !
  14. Ahhhh messing that's the place I couldn't think what that place was called we built a house out there about 15 year ago, so was trying to rack me brain lol know exactly where you mean know. Cheers for looking that up for me :-) ur a star! I'm gonna go have a nice look round there the wkend then. Dedham right nice area mate so bet u miss that. There must be loads of land round that way. Thanks again bud and ill let u know when I've had a good look at the place. Atb
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