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  1. Na it won’t be my first dog I was just wondering as I seen it on a video going fast wondered what breed it is It’s in Qatar, used to live there that’s why I was watching a vid about hunting there
  2. Guys I think I’ll just get a lurcher cross collie in a nice insulated kennel also if anyone can identify what type of dog this is please
  3. By the way guys it was a serious question as I am new , but I can’t lie I had a good laugh at the Saluki and chihuahua replies I was thinking cold weather since most non retrievers have short coats (lurchers, greyhounds, etc) so I was wondering if there were actually any cold weather dogs that chase quarry like a lurcher or a whippet would?
  4. Hi, what types of hunting dogs can live in colder temperatures (by hunting dogs I mean dogs with high prey drives that chase quarry not retrievers)
  5. Hi, do you still have the factory with he pigeon problem 

    I am willing to fly at them as I may be getting a hawk in a few weeks


  6. Hi, does anyone live around Ingatestone/Chelmsford I am looking at buying a Harris hawk in Ingatestone but would need someone to transport it to colchester, Essex (35 minute drive according to google maps. Thanks
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