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  1. Went for an mooch on Wednesday had 6 in an hour. Very good night Dog ran very well not done much of this kind of hunting but every slip this dog caught Tring to get the lad hooked so he can perswade his mum for a lurcher as I have a Spanial and a Pointer misses has a F*C*ING Beagle so not much room at the Inn.
  2. Working on him to tell his mum he want's a pup off welsh nutters bitch!!! But with 3 other dogs might be a struggle!!!!
  3. Had a mooch on Wednesday needed hawk food had this little bag of 6 in an hour Borrowed Welsh nutter's lurcher While he had a snooze!!!!! My apprentice's (age 7) first night out with the lamp!!!
  4. I got a bruno (second hand)now a cz I think got it cut down to the shortest legal limit and re threaded for sound moderater (barrell was well to long for on the quad or landy) and with the tripod on and plinking about can hit a 5p piece at 50-60 yards no jams so far just looked at my ticket and in 2yrs have put over 10,000 through it and never cleaned it yet (I was told you should'nt)
  5. Anything she want's!!!!! Just the usual Rabbit Hare Pheasants Squirrel. Might try her lamping too. And yep I'm from sunny North Wales.
  6. Dead eye Dick

    New Bird

    Just picked up a new bird. Weighs in at 3lb 3oz and called Megan
  7. Has any one been to the national bird of prey center since Jemima has left? and is it or will it be worth the trip from north wales during the winter break. I have been several times when she owned it but not since she sold it.
  8. Been contacted today by the power company they are sending out a line engineer to take a look at the posts to insulate it. And due to the fact that a man from the Power company thretend to sue me for my bird "damaging the wire" who was'nt in a position to make these thret's they are offering me compensation NOT for my bird but for the way they handled the case. Any way if anyone experiences a bird be it wild or trained harmed or found at the bottom or electricity post they need to phone Energy Watch on 08459060708 they are the complaint department for electricity providers. The more people that phone them when things like this happen I have been told that they will have to act upon it.
  9. Well I'm sorry to be in the minority but I aint about to bend down and take it up the back box I have been in touch with Scotish power and they said it's just one of those thing it happens nearly every day be it with falconers birds or wild ones. So I'm taking it a step forward I've got an interview with the local papers the leader, the chronical, bbc wales and itv wales. Yes I know it aint gona bring my bird back but it might just put some shit in the eye of the big man taking on the little man coz after the last conversation with the electricity company they are gona sue me for dammage to there pole plus the fact that my bird caused a power cut in the area.!!! Bring it on!!!!!
  10. Out flying my 9yr old male harris hawk today when he landed on an electricity post and got electricuted on phoning manweb and explaining the situation they said it was a regular occurance and said "it's just one of those things" Just wondering if any body has had this happen to them and if so what did they do about it and how far did they get?
  11. The one I've got is the one below copy and then paste the link below into your search engine bar an walla .The only problem that you might have is that the charger that comes with it is 110volts coz it's American but it charges up with my 6V charger that I got from Aldi for a £5 or you can just buy dissposable ones for about £3 http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/template...1&noImage=0 Item:IH-227111 Cabela's Feeder Kit $39.99
  12. I have got a springer that swallowed a fishing hook so bombed it to the vet's expecting to face a bill of about £300. Got there did an x-ray and said it's in the worst place a fish hook could be. And said that he was'nt willing to perform the operation and said we would have to go to a specialist vet an hour away I asked how much and he said about £1500 but would give them a ring an check he came back and said he got it a bit wrong and I'd be looking around £3000. Went outside to chat to missus and phoned a mate about the situation when a bloke walked passed and asked if i was ok, told him the situation and he said he'd have a look at the situation, turned out he was the owner of the vets. He came back out and said he's willing to give it a go. Anyway £600 quid later dog fixed and turned out to be the best dog I've ever owned and the best dog on the sindicate shoot I'm on. So is the first vet a robbin twat? Or did the second vet feel sorry for me?
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